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[Nettime-nl] Radovan Karadzic & Saddam Hussein and the advantage of slow justice

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Radovan Karadzic & Saddam Hussein and the advantage of slow justice
March 10, 2010 by Tjebbe van Tijen |

Karadzic his court case at the tribunal in The Hague is progressing so slowly… and is interrupted all the time, sometimes for months … contrary to Saddam Hussein who was disposed in a hurry . Are we losing justice along the track?

[ image and link to documented tableau on Saddam Hussein & Radovan Kardzic]

Is there and advantage in the slow turning wheels of justice? Will the hurried verdict of Saddam Hussein who was captured in December 2003 – being in hiding for nine months – and executed exactly three years later in december 2006, leave more doubts than the process of  Radovan Karadzic who was arrested in July 2008 – after being at large for twelve years – and is now still tried by the court?

Quick justice may be satisfying but tends to leave doubts in the long run. Slow justice is often experienced  as an evasion of the trial process, but may provide the necessary opportunities for defence by the the person being indicted and thus leave less space for doubt in the end.
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