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Subject: invitation part two april 1st 2010
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 15:06:44 +0100
From: Sabrina Basten <bruno@sabrinabasten.com>
To: sabrina <art4sale@sabrinabasten.com>

Invitation for the second part of the project:

'my space, your space, our space: my space'
March 6th till June 3rd 2010

Opening April 1st at 20:00
at Meent 131, Rotterdam

Presentation by Dr. José María Viña Rebolledo at 19:00

** Hidden patterns in Nature: how we reveal them, how we keep them
hidden, or how we create them.

Abstract: Our understanding of Nature is limited by the constrains of
our preconceptions of the World, but both evolve together since we are
born: we learn more the more flexible our minds become. This process
also occurs along history: we will see some examples of drastic
changes in our understanding of things connected to breakthroughs in
our geometrical models. (It is hard to determine what came first,
though). We will talk about fractals, exotic structures that we
suddenly find everywhere: from remote galaxies to Earth landscapes,
clouds and vegetation; even in artistic works, like Pollock's. A big
risk exists all the time: that we tend to project these structures and
models that we build in our mind into the World around us, conferring
them existence. Like that, our models become frozen, static, and we
suffer from a new period of partial blindness.

Dr. José María Viña Rebolledo, physicist and programmer


I really hope to see you there.

with kind regards,

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