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[Nettime-nl] TransNatural 02 Exhibition & symposium

*TN02: Becoming TransNatural*

The second TransNatural event presents an exhibition and symposium in which
the work of articulate media-artists, speculative designers, avant-garde
businesses and bleeding edge researchers working between life and technology
will feed and contextualize each other. Together they develop images,
experiences and intuitions for the TransNatural culture in the Verdieping of
the TrouwAmsterdam building at the Wibautstraat.

A TransNatural technology plays by the dynamic rules of nature without
ramshackling the planet. We have become TransNatural when the organic
ecology, the media and information networks, and the economy have become one
balancing whole, that can grow and develop. But what can we think and how
should we act to become TransNatural?

At the symposium speakers will offer a varied introduction to workshops that
explore the theme in roughly three different area's: economy, aesthetics,
and everyday life. With workshop and lectures by: James Auger & Jimmy
Loizeau <> (UK), Sascha
 (UK/GER), Arne Hendriks <>
 (NL), Christina Stadlbauer (AT) / The Human and Apian Foraging
 and TU Delft/ iGEM <> (NL).

Participants exhibition:
James Auger & Jimmy Loizeau (UK), Arne Hendriks (NL), Alexandra Daisy
Ginsberg & James King <> (UK),  David
Benqué <>(UK),
Sascha Pohflepp (UK/ GER), Frederik de Wilde <>
(BE), Windowfarms  <>(USA), Sonja Bäumel
(AUT), Thomas Lommee<>
 (BE), Mike Thompson <> (UK/ NL), Jorinde
Voigt<> (GER)

Symposium 12 March , 09.30h – 18.00h
Exhibition 4 March - 1 APRIL
More information
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