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[Nettime-nl] Public Presentation: Seda Guerses & Michelle Teran

Announcer from the Piet Zwart Institute
Master Media Design & Communication: Networked Media
Sniff, Scrape, Crawl...
Public Lecture/Presentation: Seda Guerses & Michelle Teran
Date: Tuesday, 08/02/2011
Time: 19:30
Location: Mauritsstraat 36, Rotterdam
or streamed at: http://pzwart3.wdka.hro.nl/pzwart_video.html
Bringing together artists, programmers and theorists, *Sniff, Scrape,
Crawl...* is a series of lectures and presentations examining the porous
borders of privacy in the digital age.

Seda Guerses is a researcher working in the group COSIC/ESAT at the
Department of Electrical Engineering in K. U. Leuven, Belgium. Her
topics of interest include privacy technologies, participatory design,
feminist critique of computer science, and online social networks. She
has a keen interest in the subject of anonymity in technical as well as
cultural contexts, the spectrum being anywhere between anonymous
communications and anonymous folk songs. Beyond her academic work, she
also collaborates with artistic initiatives including Constant vzw,
Bootlab, De-center, ESC in Brussels, Graz and Berlin. Read more:

Michelle Teran explores the interaction between media and social
networks in urban environments. In her work she looks at different
aspects of how urban space is defined, occupied and mediatized. She has
a socially and site-specifically engaged practice, focusing mostly on
the staging of urban interventions and performances such as guided
tours, discussions, walks and open-air projections as well as
participatory installations and happenings. She won the Transmediale
Award (the Turku2011 Digital Media & Art Grand Prix Award) and is
currently a research fellow at the National Academy of Art in Bergen
(KHIB).  Read more: http://www.ubermatic.org/

For a preview of a few of the issues raised during the lecture you can
download, *A Trialogue on Interventions in Surveillance Space: Seda
Guerses in conversation with Michelle Teran and Manu Luksch*:

This project has been generously supported by the Research Program
(Lectoraat) Communication in a Digital Age.
For application deadlines and information for the
PZI Networked Media Programme, see:

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