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[Nettime-nl] [Announcement] Natura Naturans 3 artpieces by A. Andreas

************* Announcement ***********************

Natura Naturans (*)
Digital Transfer on Zinc, 2011

3 artpieces by A. Andreas

see: http://www.nictoglobe.com/new/agam/text21022011b.php

press F11 for fullscreen (1280 pixs x 800 pixs) watching


ohh yes, all works are for sale, also in commision, please inquire

(*) Inspired by the writings of Baruch d'Espinoza, Amsterdam 1632 - The
Hague 1677

--Andreas Maria Jacobs

w: http://nictoglobe.com/new/agam

e: ajaco@xs4all.nl
e: a.andreas@nictoglobe.com

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