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[Nettime-nl] Hack the Future

Dear friends,

An excellent opportunity to have a first jump into the Dutch Design Week could be this Hackathon!

Saturday 20, during the day an open hackathon is held aiming at twisting data and information chunks into dazzling apps, visualisations etc. Even art is in the air.

Be my guest and bring your friends!

René Paré
director MAD emergent art center


Creative Minds Challenged!

During the Dutch Design Week we will host PULS 2012: Play the Future #1. 
Play the Future's hackathon is an event that focusses on Energy, Mobility and Health and the use of Open Data. 
The event itself is an 9 day long journey and consists of a hackathon, a forum, presentations and an exhibition. 

Hack the Future is a hands on session. 
We invite you to take part in a creative session where you can develop a concept for a smart application or even create a working prototype. 
Work alone or work together as a team. Datasets, WIFI, food and coffee, creative and cool people, and... lots of books! 
For a day of fun and building, get over here and make something new!

A special supported challenge is hacking art for the Art Commission call from ODI:
This will be further communicated during the session.

Hack the Future will be captured on video. The result will be part of the exhibition during the rest of the Dutch Design Week. 
Last year, the Dutch Design Week was visited by 180.00 people from all over the world. 
This is your chance to show your creativity to an international design minded audience.

If you want to participate, you can register here for Hack the Future:
Or send an e-mail to
You are also welcome without registration!

Hack The Future
Saturday, 20th October 2012
Main Library Eindhoven (Witte Dame)
10:00h - 17:00h

PULS12: Play the Future
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