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nettime-nl: Summer Webcastings of De Hoeksteen VI

From: Raul Marroquin <>

The Summer Webcastings of De Hoeksteen Net

A project of De Hoeksteen Communications and the DDS

Thursday August the 19th. 16:00 - 00:00 C.E.T.

some tentative, linear programming

After a month of "carpet bombing" incidental programming via real video June

-July 1999  "The Summer Webcastings of De HoeksteeNet" will continue to stream

linearly, every Thursday of the week from 16:00 to 00:00 hours C.E.T. (Central

European Time)

By streaming video, in combination with the viewers (participants) direct and

immediate participation, De Hoeksteen tries to cover politics, finances,

culture, communications and current affairs in the widest possible way.

Programming is available via the DDS (the Digital City Amsterdam)


"The Summer Webcastings of De HoeksteeNet" follow six years of linear live

programming by De Hoeksteen Live! for Salto (Amsterdam local radio and

television) every third saturday of the month from 22:00 until 10:00 the

following morning and thousands of extra hours during the campaigns for the

local & national elections, referenda and other special events.

Interviews, discussions and debates are conducted in Dutch, English,
French, German, Italian and


The linear programming of  "The Summer Webcastings of De HoeksteenNet" on
Thursdays continues until

Ars Electronica (September 4th. - 10th. 1999) when De HoeksteenNet will
webcast, daily, a series of

programs related to "LifeScience" the subject of the symposium in Ars
Electronica for this year.


-Thursday August the 19th 1999.

The webcasting of Thursday August the 12th. includes the following features:

* "Polit Bureau"
NL Desk.
Dutch National Politics

An interview with Dr. Peter Rehwinkel MP, PvdA (Dutch Labour) Lower House.

The House of Orange,  The Monarchy and the relation between State and
Government in a Parliamentary

Monarchy. 16:30 hours (English)

18:30 hours  (English) Stenley D.K. Ramdhani member of the Assembly of the
Province of Noord Holland. VVD

(Peoples Party for Freedom and Democracy, Netherlands biggest market
oriented political party)

* "Purely Academical"

17:00 hours (castellano / Spanish)

A conversation Prof. Omar Ortiz-Trancoso Professor / Researcher of South
American Archeology at the UvA

(University of Amsterdam)

* "History According to Us"

Art Desk (culture and the arts)

The program opens with  a reading by Dutch theater actor / director Titus
Muizelaar -Toneelgroep

Amsterdam- of "The Nato Action in Serbia" the text of a speech given by
British play wright Harold

Pinter for the opening The Confederation of Analytical Psychologists in
London June 25th. 1999.

16:00 hours (English)

 A presentation of the collection of books by artists from (the) culinary
critic of The Netherlands

Johannes van Dam.17:30 (English)

Latter in Art Desk 18:00 (English) a heated discussion with Melle Daamen
director of Mondriaan

Stichting (Mondriaan Foundation) on the privatization of Government funding
for the arts, partnership

replacing sponsorship in the art world and other very HOT issues.

Some time latter: 19:30 hours (English) ...also in Art Desk. A candid
interview with Els van der Plas

Director of Prins Claus Fonds (Prince Claus Found for Culture and Development)

* "City Desk"

20:00  (English) Hansje Kalt Amsterdam Chairwoman of Amsterdam Anders / De
Groenen (A Different

Amsterdam / Green Party) in the City Council.

21:00 Anne Marie Hoogland Amsterdam City Council PvdA. Development and

Cooperation in the Next Century


Finances, housing, employment and the inner-city from a liberal's point of
view. G. Ph. Huffnagel

City Council Member VVD Amsterdam 21:30 hours (English)

* "Media Desk"

An interview with Jeroen van Kan anchorman AT5 (Amsterdam local television)
and former guest

presenter of De Hoeksteen Live! Television. 19:00 hours (English)

* "New Products and Processes"

Smart Fabrics in the next decade.  Robert van Boeschoten Senior Researcher
Anton Dreesmann Institute

for Infopreneurship University of Amsterdam. 20:30 hours (English)

* "What to Wear "(where and when)

Tony Tonnaer, Sourcing and Development Manager for Pepe Jeans Europe B.V.
22:00 hours (English)

Permanent Features

* "Financial Desk"

On his way  home from the office Hoeksteen financial wonder boy Eric
Bartelsman does an annoted

surfing session of economic sources while Hoeksteen Senior Anchorman in
Editorial Functions Martin

Bosma analyses and evaluates the day's markets and the influence of on-line
trading in economics.


* "What's New in the Market"

New chips and the electronic high way. Erik Huggers Microsoft. (English)

* Musical entertainment by Rob Zwetsloot "The Face" of Amsterdam cable

* "The Froggy Desk"

Ab Cherribi (French)

* "A Girl About Town"

with Danny Linden.

Tips and advise about places to go and, more important, places not to go in
Amsterdam and other

European capitals. (English - French - German)

* "Live Dispatches"

... from the U.S.A. by Oussama Cherribi MP (French)

* "The Queer Desk"

Mattias Duyves covers events taking pace in Amsterdam's homosexual
community at the moment.

D.J. Oyse rushes from his daily show for Amsterdam cable television to tell
the brothers and sisters of

the homosexual and lesbian community all that is possible in Amsterdam

22:30 hours (English ~ French ~ German)

Interviews and discussions are conducted and moderated by: Eric Bartelsman,
Robert van Boeschoten,

Martin Bosma, Mattias Duyves,  Danny Linden, Erik Lint, D.J. Oyse ,
Alexandra Ramos, Hannes Vegter

and Rob Zwetsloot.

The IRC is moderated by Lucas Marroquin Olivera from Bogota.

Juan Pablo Jimenez Marroquin, also in Bogota, is encharged of the
publishing of text, graphics and

contributions on the spot.

Video & streaming production by media artist MauzZ at the DDS in Amsterdam.

"The Summer Webcastings of De Hoeksteen" are produced by Idzarda
Lindenbergh and is a project of De

Hoeksteen and the DDS in Amsterdam


-The Next Webcasting (August 26th. 1999)

The webcasting of the following week already includes interviews with
American composer Philip Glass

after his meditative holiday in Canada (French)

Amsterdam City Council Member Ferry Houterman (English)

An interview with Roel Janssen  Financial Economics Editor NRC Handelsblad
(English / Portuguese /


The latest in latex, rubber and leather under the advise of Danny Linden
(English / German  and French)

Jan Paul Reij Art Director of FHV/BBDO, the biggest advertisement agency in
the Netherlands

discussing the "state of the arts" in electronic publishing (English)

Nico van Eijk Information Law, university of Amsterdam (English)

Amsterdam galleriest Harry Ruhe will be back with a selection of his fluxus
collection (English)

Eduardo Valencia Ospina, Register & Secretary General of the International
Court of Justice in The

Hague (English Spanish)

An in depht interview with war correspondant and Hoeksteen anchorman Willem
Lust. Our man at the front where ever there is some action. English

A commentary by Dick van Eijk Director of the Internet division of the NRC
Handelblad (English)

A presentation by Dutch photographer Paul de Bruin (English / French)

Multilingual musical entertainment and political commentary by Jan Buiter.


-How is De HoeksteeNet Webcasted.

Like the webcastings of the past two months, all programs are streamed in
two different channels one for ADSL, ISDN, Cable Modem and T1 lines and a
second one for regular analogue lines.

Both channels can be found at: <>


-Users (participants) participation.

An IRC Channel is operational through out the entire webcasting that is
moderated by different guest

editors in every program <Dehoeksteen> or through the WWW <>

Reactions during -or after- the webcasting are welcome via:

E-mail <>

ICQ <10677032>

Telephone: + 31 20 5205340

Fax: + 31 20 8830838



The dedicated unit used during the programs for point to point and
multipoint video conferencing, is

also available for users wanting to participate live during the program via


-Programming on Demand

All interviews, discussions commentaries and events taking place during the
Summer Webcastings of De

HoeksteenNet previous are available on demand at the same URL. The package
already includes

commentaries, interviews, discussions and debates with:

SP (Socialist) Amsterdam City Council Member Mrs. R. Alberts

Labour MP Marleen Barth

Economist Eric Bartelsman

Hoeksteen senior anchorman in editorial functions Martin Bosma,

Film director Rudolf van den Berg,

Shoe and bag designer Fred de la Bretoniere

SP Member of Parliament Harry van Bommel

Labour City Council Member Ab Cherribi

and his older brother

Liberal MP Oussama Cherribi VVD

AT5 Editor in Chief Ton F. van Dijk

Liberal MP Jan Hoekema (D66)

Netherlands  Secretary of State  for Social Affairs Hans Hoogervorst

Amsterdam City Council Member Ton Hooijmaijers

Fund raiser / public relations expert F. Melchior

Mexican painter Marisa Polin

Collector & gallery director Harry Ruhe

Amsterdam City Council Member Reina Spier - van der Woude VVD

Chairwoman  Foundation Refugees The Netherlands Anne Lize van der Stoel

Architects Alfonso Rodriguez, Luis Carlos Suarez and Salomon de Swaan

Art dealer Fred Wagemans.

Plus all of the regular features


For more information please contact Raul Marroquin

De HoeksteenNet <>

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