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Call for your material for Shedhalle archive

As part of the project >never look back<, taking place at Shedhalle, Zurich
from 1 June to 22 July 2001, the Shedhalle archive will be reorganised and expanded. The existing archive is based on documentation and other material from
previous exhibition projects.
Central interest of the Shedhalle projects, and hence of the archive has for the
last eight years been an interdisciplinary discourse of socio-politically
relevant themes, as well as an expansion of artisic practis through feminist
theory, cultural studies, forms of activism, collectively and transdisciplinary communities.

The Shedhalle however likes to open the archive for more information, publications and documentation of projects. Your material should fit into the subjects that have been relevant for reflection of a critical cultural practice : Gene- and technology critique, gender politics, critique of economy, urban development, pop culture, media activism, discussions on post-colonialism as well as institutional critique.

Our aim is to build and open up the Shedhalle archive on international critical art and exhibition practice. It is very important for us that this archive will be expanded with material of projects and artists groups that are external to the Shedhalle, but are in their interests parallel to those of the Shedhalle initiatives.

Maybe you have already been affiliated in one way or the other with our
projects and so we might have some material in the archive. However, it
would be great if you would send us more. We  will come up with a system
of boxes each containing the material relevant for your group or project.

Please send the material until the 20.5.2001:
Seestrasse 395
CH-8030 Zürich

Telefon: -41.1.481 59 50
Fax:      -41.1.481 59 51

If you have any questions, please send an email to

Alice Cantaluppi