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[Nettime-ro] Cine vrea la Manifesta?

 The European Biennial of Contemporary Art, Manifesta 4

                                   INVITE YOURSELF
                                   MANIFESTA PARTICIPATION AT AUCTION

                                   The city of Frankfurt/Main is host
for the European Biennial of
                                   Contemporary Art, Manifesta 4. From
end of May 2002 until
                                   the end of August 2002, mostly young
and emerging artists
                                   living and working in Europe will
show their works in
                                   museums, exhibition spaces and public
spaces. Manifesta
                                   was founded in the early nineties in
the course of the political
                                   changes in Europe with the aim of
initiating an international
                                   dialogue among artists and their
respective audiences in
                                   Europe and of creating a forum for
new and innovative forms
                                   of contemporary art. Since 1996 the
Manifesta Biennial has
                                   taken place in changing countries and
cities. It has been
                                   hosted by Rotterdam, Luxemburg and
Ljubljana. Manifesta 4
                                   is curated by Iara Boubnova, Sofia;
Nuria Enguita Mayo,
                                   Barcelona; and Stephanie Moisdon
Trembley, Paris.


 Christoph Büchel, officially invited artist for Manifesta 4, European
Biennial for Contemporary Art hosted in
 Frankfurt/Main, is auctioning his invitation and participation rights.

 Bidding starts on the 19th of March at www.ebay.com. Lowest possible
offer is 1 $ (€ 1,15). Bids can be made
 until the 29th of March and will be accepted from any persons.

 The winner of the auction i.e. the buyer of the participation rights
will be fully accepted and treated as any
 other invited artist in the exhibition by the curators and organizers
of Manifesta 4 and will be subject to the
 same rules and regulations.The form of participation is subject to the
consensus of the curators Iara
 Boubnova, Stéphanie Moisdon Trembley and Nuria Enguita Mayo.
 The exhibition will take place between May 24th and August 25th 2002 in
different venues in Frankfurt/Main.


 Preview visit in Frankfurt/Main. Travel & accomodation costs and a per
diem for the participant will be covered
 by Manifesta.

 Presentation of a project or works within the different exhibition
venues of Manifesta 4 in Frankfurt: Portikus,
 Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurter Art Association, Städel School, public
space, etc.

 Publications: The work or project of the participant will be documented
in both the short guide and the
 catalogue accompanying the exhibition.

 Budget: The production budget depends on the project or work and is
subject to the consensus of the
 curators as for all other invited artists. Within the agreed upon
budget the following services will be provided
 by Manifesta 4:
 artist's fee, production of the work, shipment to Frankfurt,
installation and maintenance in Frankfurt,
 insurance, return shipment, travel & accomodation and per diems for the

 Documentation: 6 copies of the catalogue, two installation shots, full
set of press-clippings

 Additional information and verification:
 Online-auction and product of sale: www.ebay.com Manifesta 4:
 Dealer: Maccarone Inc., NY, contact: T: ++1 212-431-4977,

 For more information go to: http://www.manifesta.de

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