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[Nettime-ro] PART TWO (a networked event on world conflict)

Location One invites you to join us online or in the gallery for:

PART TWO (a networked event on world conflict)

Wednesday, October 30, 2002 8 PM

Free to the public

PART TWO (a networked event on world conflict) continues to experiment with
the new collaborative software used at Location One in such events as the
electronic presentation of Mac Wellman's Bitter Bierce. The focus of this
ongoing investigation is to seek, in an informal way, the discursive
possibilities of a relatively new practice - the live digital video mix.
Four artists will experiment with this new medium to explore alternative
ways of thinking about heavily mediated world events. Using excerpts from a
previously recorded television news broadcast of America's first war with
Iraq, Part Two (a networked event on world conflict) will center on the
media spectacle of war. The recorded broadcast of this event will serve as
the backbone for a live session where the video artists will mix previously
compiled images and sounds from different sources. A live feed from a
current television news channel will also be incorporated into the
performance. Every participant will prepare material in accordance with a
script synthesized from the transcript of the 1991 broadcast. The experiment
seeks to resist the prevailing media discourse by breaking its present
structures and creating alternative audiovisual configurations that
challenge the mechanisms for  "manufacture of consent."

Participants: Ayreen Anastas, François Bucher, Rene Gabri, John Menick

Location One is located at 26 Greene Street NYC 10013, between Grand and
Canal streets.
Subway: Canal Street (N, R, 6, A, C, E, J, M, Z)
(212) 334-3347

**** Reminder****

This Tuesday, October 22nd at 7 PM,
Location One presents the second event of the PerformanceContemporary
series, conducted by Bonnie Marranca:


Regular $5, Students $2, Members Free.

Location One (www.location1.org) is a new not-for profit art center, which
fosters the convergence of all types of creative expression. We maintain a
gallery space suitable for every form of performance and exhibition, and
within this space, multimedia net-broadcasting facilities that allow us to
webcast a 24-hour stream of both live and archived events. Our International
Residency Program invites artists from other countries to experiment with
emerging technologies. Location One is an exploration space for continual
creative discovery.

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