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[Nettime-ro] OPEN ARCH at BüroFriedrich"LAUNCH OPTION berlin"

Title: OPEN ARCH at BüroFriedrich "LAUNCH OPTION berlin"
LAUNCH OPTION berlin                   
at BüroFriedrich OPEN ARCH                     

Opsound | Rocket Shop
Sal Randolph
Miles Chalcraft
Dan Belasco Rogers
22 - 26 July 2003 
12 - 6 pm

22 July 6:00 pm - Opening Party | Listening Salon
23 July 7:00 pm - Holger Schulze (soundXchange) talks with Sal Randolph, Miles Chalcraft and
               Dan Belasco Rogers
24 July 7:00 pm - BüroFriedrich's "Are You Crazy?" artist talk series - guest: Heath Bunting
25 July 8:00 pm - Evening performances
26 July 8:00 pm - Closing party and performances

Artists and Musicians Remix and Remap Berlin at BüroFriedrich

As summer tourists are making their way through Berlin with guidebooks in hand, LAUNCH OPTION berlin offers alternate models for exploring the city which are guaranteed to hold new discoveries even for Berliners who know the city inside and out. In a 5-day festival of live performances, exhibitions and events at BüroFriedrich from 22 to 26 July, 2003 Opsound, Miles Chalcraft, Dan Belasco Rogers and range of guest performers will create a landscape of sights and sounds - an audible, aerial, diagrammatic "map" of Berlin and its human networks.

Berlin Sound - ShareWare

Opsound is a project by the New York artist Sal Randolph who is known for last summer's Free Manifesta project (www.freemanifesta.org) in Frankfurt.  For Free Manifesta she purchased a place in the European biennial, Manifesta, for $15.099 on ebay and then invited anyone who wanted to be part of the exhibition. Parallel to the open forum and free marketplace of artwork Randolph created at Free Manifesta, Opsound forms a temporary gift economy of sounds, a network of exchange modeled after the free software and open source software communities. Artists and sound musicians are encouraged to submit their sounds to the Opsound Internet pool and make them available to the public under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. For LAUNCH OPTION berlin Randolph wants to know what Berlin sounds like - from field recordings of Oranienstrasse to the music of underground punk bands, techno tracks and experimental audio files lurking on hard drives. Artists and sound musicians may submit their sounds to the LAUNCH OPTION berlin pool and/or sign up to play live at BüroFriedrich. Sounds from the Opsound pool will be played at the LAUNCH OPTION control center in BüroFriedrich, remixed by LAUNCH OPTION DJs at concerts and listening salons and will be made available for distribution over the Opsound.org website. Visitors to the exhibition space and Internet pool (www.opsound.org) are welcome to contribute sounds and take away tracks for their own personal use and listening pleasure.

Schedule of performances and events:

At LAUNCH OPTION berlin Opsound not only creates an open exchange of music and sound. It is the latest in a series of projects by Sal Randolph that encourages the free distribution and sharing of artwork (see www.highlala.com). Also, through the trade of original sounds, meetings between artists and "discoveries" of the listeners, the social infrastructure associated with the Berlin soundscape is activated. New pathways for information, collaborations and networks are generated; this creative process forms the basis of Randolph's interest in social architecture as an art form.

Remapping Berlin

Throughout LAUNCH OPTION berlin the artists Miles Chalcraft and Dan Belasco Rogers will actively pursue the mapping and imaging the city in conjunction with the developing compilation of sounds. With daily launches of his specially designed hobby rockets equipped with video cameras, Miles Chalcraft will document selected areas of the city from the air. Footage of each launch performed at an undisclosed time and location will be exhibited at BüroFriedrich on the following day. Chalcraft will use BüroFriedrich as his flight center and rocket maintenance area. With his personal GPS equipment Dan Belasco Rogers will continue mapping of his daily routes throughout the city and will use BüroFriedrich as his point of departure and processing center. His maps and routes will be available for viewing in the gallery and on the Internet. Chalcraft's launches and Belasco's walks will be documented in field recordings, which will be added to the Opsound pool.

Sound Pool and Performances:

Submit sounds to the Opsound pool!

Or register for a live performance!

Selected Performers

AREDEE aka LUMP (CH), The Return of the Think Thing Vol 7 (G), Schweiz (G)
aaron spectre (US), G-LAB (LI) Milena Iossifova (US), akuvido (G/RU), J F Quay (AUS/NL),
der kerl mit der bontempi (G), Ecologycal Sound Corpse (BUL), sciss (G), Adam Linson (G)

For general information contact:
Laura Schleussner (Rocket Shop) at info@rocketshop.net or 10723186334


Sal Randolph / Opsound
Opsound:  http://www.opsound.org
Highlala: http://www.highlala.com
Free Words: http://www.freewords.org
Free Biennial: http://www.freebiennial.org
Free Manifesta: http://www.freemanifesta.org
Psygeocon: http://www.glowlab.com/psygeocon/pgc_index.html

Miles Chalcraft

Dan Belasco Rogers

 Rocket Shop
our program:

Ross Birrell - Envoy
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Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 12.00pm-6.00pm

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