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[Nettime-ro] Fwd: call for entries/schloss broellin/germany


Dear Madam, Sir 

Herewith I am sending You the "Call for Entries" from German cultural association "schloss bröllin". I ask You kindly to spread this informationamong Your national cultural institutions and artists. Thank You in advance. 

Sincerely Yours, 

Magdalena Pysz 

schloss bröllin e.V. 

Call for Entries

schloss bröllin, with the support of the ministry of education, science and culture in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, is offering a project-based working residency of max. 3 weeks for artists and groups within the performing arts sector (theatre, dance, performance, interdisciplinary work). Applications should be for a presentation in Sept. 04 with the topic "pro-existence", but can also be on a freely chosen topic. 

Production grants 2004
In the last few years, schloss bröllin e.V. has produced own artistic projects and supported other artistic work to the best of its ability. In the coming year, schloss bröllin, with financial backing by the ministry of culture, education and science of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, wants to offer artists and artist groups, working in the performing arts area(dance, theatre, performance, interdisciplinary arts) a project-based grant in the form of a funded work-stay. This would include: 

  a.. accommodation (room and board) at Schloss Bröllin free of charge
  b.. use of necessary work space incl. available technical equipment
  c.. reimbursement of travel costs incurred within Germany and
  d.. special extras
for a maximum of three weeks.

Deadline for applications is the 22. September 2003. All proposals/applications must be sent to schloss bröllin e.V., Katharina Husemann. Applications should be in accordance with the subject "pro-existence", but can also be on an independent topic. 

How to apply 

The informal application should contain following points in detail: 

  a.. Contact person; group, address; Tel., Fax, Email
  b.. Project description
  c.. Project participants
  d.. Interim schedule (beginning and ending of project - with how many people- in which spaces- with what kind of technical requirements)
  e.. Budget proposal
  f.. Planned venues for showing, partners
  g.. Artists Info/ vita, press clippings
  h.. Video of other already completed pieces
As this grant does not include wages/fees, always, please, try to find additional financial backing. We will support and advise you on this ! 

Grants period 

The grant period for productions on independent themes: March-December 2004 

Applicants will be notified by the end of October 2003, but final confirmation can only be given after we have received notification about the support from the cultural ministry of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (ca. End of March). 

Grants for projects on the theme of "pro-existence": 

Projects, which fall within this subject area will cumulate in a joint presentation weekend - mid September 2004 - in the form of a festival/symposium with other invited artists. 

About "pro-existence" 

Recent worldwide events have brought the brutality of our global society, its prejudices, its racial, religious, political and cultural differences, back to our immediate attention. With such a wealth on social-political problems surrounding us, we, as artists, question the use and sense of what we do.  

What role can art play in such a difficult environment of global capitalism and inequality, xenophobia, violence and terrorism?  

The Pro-Existence project wants to examine the possibilities art may or may not have in this society.We want to bring together artists from bigger and smaller "hot spots" around the world. 

Co-existence means building bridges between people and understanding ourselves as part of a complex, interdependent system.  

schloss bröllin e.V. 

Contact: Katharina Husemann, 17309 Bröllin 3, 

Tel: 0049-39747-50235, Fax:-50302 

Deadline: 22. September 2003 

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