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[Nettime-ro] Romanian Cultural Center, New York, Oct.2, 2003

Romanian Cultural Center, New York 

Thursday, October 2, 7:30 PM Auditorium


Does the electronic ink have the same exciting scent for the
computer-literate writers as the old one did for the "traditional" authors?
Is e-literature an utterly new experience both for the writers and the
readers (or should I say the message senders and receivers)?

What is the future of this literary adventure? Is it more than a game?

To answer these questions, here are some of the authors who do believe in
this paradigm shift: Costica Bradatan, Ph.D., Adina Dabija, Jerelle Krause,
Paul Doru Mugur, Carole Naggar, Flavia Rocha. All to be found at Cristina Taranu, Stefanie Bok and Cornel 
Gabara will
be reading poems and short stories from the Respiro collection. (English,
Romanian, Portuguese, Spanish)
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