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      Almost Real - International Conference in Utrecht 

      "More than someone who provokes, I feel like someone who is provoked." (Romeo Castellucci, theatre director) 

      The European Cultural Foundation is pleased to announce ALMOST REAL, an international working conference exploring diverse and innovative ideas on artistic strategies in a rapidly changing Europe. 

      Over the past five years, our Art for Social Change programme has promoted participatory art in Europe, enabling thousands of young people to take part in creative projects, and challenging many professional artists to engage with communities. ALMOST REAL offers an encounter with the vivid results of this programme and an opportunity to discuss related issues with a large international audience. The ten existing Art for Social Change Resource Centres will be represented. 

      ALMOST REAL is a meeting for approximately 150 practitioners active in the arts and social change. It is for artists, researchers, producers, policy makers, cultural theorists, activists, pioneers and students who are interested in witnessing and discussing proposals concerning artistic practice and social transformation. It combines daily key note addresses with best practice examples, thematic debate, expert panels, field trips and creative interventions. 

      Information society brings the world's conflicts to our doorstep. Unavoidable confrontations with local and global realities have turned us into eye witnesses and force us to decide whether to become accomplices or remain haunted by our need to respond. 

      ALMOST REAL will look at how artists perceive and make sense of 'reality'. It will consider the extent to which artists want and should want to effect social change. And it will ask: Change on whose terms? 

      We believe that Art for Social Change could be many things. It has to strive for an experimental quality that opens into new territories and invites others to join in a larger enterprise. Therefore ALMOST REAL is not only paying attention to how this engaged work is done in the present (or has been done in the past) but especially focuses on how and where it might be done in the future: By way of cross-disciplinary approaches, the use of new technologies and 'out there', within the small towns and villages that are such an essential part of European civilisation. 

      ALMOST REAL has chosen 'participatory media' and 'rural interventions' as its two main topics. 

      ALMOST REAL starts on Thursday March 11 and lasts until Sunday March 14, 2004. It will be based at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht (the geographical centre point of The Netherlands) and from there it will operate in a site-specific manner to locate our discussions where they make sense. 

      Prior to the event ALMOST REAL offers a multidisciplinary master class from February 29 to March 11, to a selected group of max. 25 emerging practitioners from different European countries. 

      We are also producing a hybrid sourcebook that collects artists' statements in order to locate ALMOST REAL in a rich and inspiring context. We deliberately welcome (textual and visual) contributions that answer the crucial question: Where does art matter and where does it leave its mark? 

      The preliminary programme will be published in October 2003, followed by information on registration, application for the master class, fees and the availability of grants. 

      Want to stay posted? Please send us your full postal address, so we can send you the programme and registration form. We welcome further suggestions on people, initiatives or networks that should be included in our mailing list. 

      ALMOST REAL is initiated by the European Cultural Foundation in association with their Art for Social Change Resource Centres: Multimedia Institute MAMA (Zagreb, Croatia), REX Cultural Centre (Belgrade, Serbia), Alterart (Travnik, Bosnia), PAC Multimedia (Skopje, Macedonia), Montenegro Mobil Art (Podgorica), Association of Theatre in Education Wybrzezak (Gdansk, Poland), Truc Sferique (Zilina, Slovakia), Concept Foundation (Romania), Creative Center (Tartu, Estonia), Culture and Information Centre K@2 (Karosta, Latvia) and The Red House (Sofia, Bulgaria). 

      The meeting is organized in partnership with Centraal Museum Utrecht ( 

      Coordinators: Marijke Hoogenboom and Vincent de Boer, in collaboration with the Art for Social Change team. 

      For more information please contact: 
      or consult the ECF websites:,  

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