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[Nettime-ro] Fw: YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHERS UNITED is looking for new photographersfromROMANIA! (

YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHERS UNITED is looking for new photographers from ROMANIA!  (

  Dear Sir, Madam


  I got your coordinates from the European Photography Guide 8.

  YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHERS UNITED (YPU) is a non-profit organization headquartered in Belgium. 
  Its role is to help promising photographers around the world develop their skills and become artistic entrepreneurs.

  The YPU foundation supports young photographers by offering:
  Experience:  The photographers will be involved in international photography projects. 
  Knowledge:  A forum will be created through which participants can learn (i.e. about software packages), exchange             
                     information, and receive services. 
  Promotion:   YPU projects and photographers will be promoted with a website, exhibitions, and other 
                     communication tools, including postcards and press releases.

  By young we mean young in the professional world of photography

  We would like to ask your help with spreading the word. 
  Currently, we are finishing applications of young photographers that want to join the foundation and become member of YPU03.
  Till today no photographer of ROMANIA did apply. We think it would be in every ones interest to have a young photographer of ROMANIA present. 
  Could you please spread the word among your young photography friends. Because we are closing the applications at 31th of December, we need to move fast!

  For your convenience, we have enclosed a leaflet that you could put up in order to reach the interested photographers. Application forms can be received by sending an email to  The returned applications will be accepted until the 31th of December 2003.

  Basically, all contact info of youngsters that could allow us to send them an application form is welcome.

  Warm regards

  The YPU team

  P.S. Please check out (NEW! :left corner booklets)


   WWW.YPU.ORG / AUGUST VAN LOKEREN STRAAT 81 / 9050 GHENT / BELGIUM  / TEL. +32 9 329 70 19  /  FAX. +32 9 329 70 18

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