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Improved Mag ezine (www.improvedmag.ro) is looking for artists 
willing to be presented among its pages, through their works and not 
only (possibly an interview, a short description of the showcased 
works etc.).

Willing artists are kindly asked to send an email at 
didi@improvedmag.ro with links to their works and with a small 
description of the works and author. The following formats are 
accepted: .jpg, .doc, .rtf, .txt, .swf, .mp3. In case samples are 
attached to the mail, the overall size should be no greater than 

Submissions that offer more than technical quality shall have a big 
bonus - we are looking for an idea linking the pictures you send us, 
we are looking for the story behind the .jpg. So, first of all - 
content above technique. But we may be wrong in our interpretation - 
so a short statement accompanying your submissions is a near must. 

Some priority shall be given, due to internal considerations, to 
Romanian artists.

Deadline for entry submissions is 11 February 2005.
The selected artists shall be announced by 15 February 2005. 

More details at www.improvedmag.ro

Spread the word.

Thanks for your time,
Stefanescu Didi


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