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[Nettime-ro] Fw: RISK Poster Invite

Open Invitation for Posters
Please Forward to all creative poster makers and collectors, artists and activists.



RISK Creative Action in Political Culture





Artists and activists are invited to contribute posters for the SELF REGULATING POSTER WALL as part of the RISK exhibition at the CCA (Centre for Contemporary Arts) Glasgow.


The SELF REGULATING POSTER WALL will be regulated by the people that use it.  Anyone can send in or put up a poster (trestle tables and wallpaper paste supplied in the gallery). The emphasis of the project is on individual rather than institutional responsibility to regulate the wall. Any individual gallery visitor, artist, or member of staff can paste a new poster over the top of an existing poster. 


RISK brings together artists who endeavour to make creative political change through their practice, working across art and activism, using a range of strategies and technologies. The poster wall is self regulating method of public display where only fellow fly-posters or subvertisers can change the meaning of the message.


You can:

a)     Bring your poster along to the gallery and paste it up yourself during the exhibition

b)     Post it to: Ele Carpenter, CCA, 350 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow G2 3JD UK by March 20th

c)      Email it to: by March 14th


Posters sent in the mail will be stored in a box in the gallery for people to paste up throughout the exhibition. The wall will be filmed on digital time lapse and shown on the risk website.


The SELF REGULATING POSTER WALL is open to anyone who has a poster to display including artists, writers, activists, advertisers, schools, individuals, groups. 


RISK: Creative Action in Political Culture is a project for CCA Glasgow, curated by Ele Carpenter. 25th March - 15th May 2005.



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