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[Nettime-ro] call for artists

F.A.C.E. 2005
festival of alternative creative exchange
Belgrade and Novi Sad, 10-28 August 2005
Call for artists

F.A.C.E. is a meeting platform that allows 80 young European artists to look for a common language in order to go beyond the barrier of prejudices through several artistic disciplines during an international festival. The goal is to intervene in urban areas where networks of production and culture need to be rebuilt. The aim is to give our imagination the necessary means to rewrite the city as a ground for exchanges and contrasts. The festival functions as a workshop. The objective is to create new staging devices, to explore new relationships with the public, to develop means and methodologies enabling us to rethink our changing territories.

F.A.C.E. is part of the Caravan project, initiated by the French association OKUP. 
• Caravan No1 took place in Sarajevo in April 2002. 
• Caravan No2 was held in Strasbourg in April 2003. These first exchanges started an exceptional cultural workshop between Bosnian, Serbian, French, Belgian and German artists. 
• F.A.C.E./Caravan No3 will take place in the Federal Republic of Serbia and Montenegro, and will travel from Belgrade to Novi Sad in August 2005. 
• Caravan No4 will be held in France one year later, moving from Strasbourg to Montreuil.
The event will last for 16 days. The artists, coming from France, Holland, Serbia&Montenegru, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Romania, will meet and work in the Serbian cities of Belgrade and Novi Sad. The central theme of the festival is “the city”. The participants are invited to work together in order to create site-specific works combining various artistic means (street performance, video art, installations, interactive exhibitions, etc) The festival fully occupies different places that will be rearranged in order to fit the artists’ intentions and to create a welcoming space for the public. 

In the framework of the festival a debate on the theme of “Mobility in art” will be organized. 
The festival in Novi Sad will be followed by presentations in Romania, Bulgaria, France and Holland.  

Artists who are active in the fields of visual arts, video, new media, music, theatre and dance, coming from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia & Montenegro, France and Netherlands are invited to apply. 

The Romanian artists who are interested in participating are required to fill in the application form available online at or provided on request at
Applicants should propose a project to be developed during the festival. The project must be site-specific and collaborative.

Selected artists will be advised to use the web site of the festival ( as a communication tool. Before the festival all selected projects will be published on the website, thus enabling artists to look in advance for possible partners to develop their projects with. Pictures and videos of the proposed locations for artistic interventions will also be available on the website. 

English will be the working language. The applicants should have abilities in spoken English in order to actively participate in developing the joint works. French and Serbian will also be used.

35 participants from France, 25 from Serbia and Montenegro, and 5 from each of the following countries - Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Netherlands - will be selected for the festival.

Participants will be accommodated in Youth hostels. Accommodation, meals, local transportation (including the trip from Belgrade to Novi Sad) and production costs will be covered by the organizers. Participants may be requested to cover their own visa and travel costs from their home country to Belgrade.
18th of February


Project organizers:
AAC kulturanova; 123/231, Preradoviceva st. Novi Sad 21000 – Serbia & Montenegro; E-mail: / 

OKUP/Maison des Associations
1a place des Orphelins 67000 Strasbourg

Regional partners: 

AltArt Foundation
Cluj, Romania

Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Destination Bulgaria Fondation
Sofia, Bulgaria

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