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[Nettime-ro] RE: [artphoto] Peter Mehlman CRASHING THE GATES


Catalin Nastasoiu <catalin_nastasoiu@yahoo.com> wrote:
>Acesta este un articol aparut in The New York Times
>azi 8 Martie, 2005. 
>Peter Mehlman este unul dintre scenaristii sitcom-ului
>Crashing the Gates
>Published: March 8, 2005 
>The New York Times
>Los Angeles  HI. I'm writing to let the city of New
>York know that I'll be coming into town in a few weeks
>and would greatly appreciate it if you would put "The
>Gates" back up. Friends and family back in the city
>told me it was "really something."
>I understand that it will not be easy to re-create the
>Christo masterpiece, but I can virtually assure you
>that, weather contingent, I would walk through "The
>Gates." My hotel is on the Upper West Side, and I will
>have at least one business meeting on the Upper East
>Side, so it's on my way anyhow. The fact is, in past
>visits to New York, I've walked through the park when
>there were no "Gates" at all.
>Now, I'll be taking a redeye into Kennedy Airport
>arriving March 22, so chances are, I'll be too tired
>to walk through "The Gates" that day. I'd like to take
>the new monorail to Manhattan, unless that's also
>temporary, but I don't think it is. Perhaps the
>monorail will perk me up enough to - no. Even with the
>extra legroom now afforded on most airlines, I can't
>sleep on planes. So let's say the 22nd is out for
>walking through "The Gates."
>The next morning, I'll be meeting a friend for
>breakfast at Katz's Deli. The place has been open
>since the late 1800's, so I assume it will still be
>there on March 23. After that, I was planning to see
>the newly redesigned Museum of Modern Art. If I am
>correct in assuming that the new MoMA is not another
>evanescent attraction, then that day is pretty much
>shot as well.
>But the 24th is looking pretty good. I have a window
>between 11:30 a.m. and 1:05 p.m. to walk through "The
>Gates." A business meeting that could make or break my
>entire future is slated for 1:10 p.m. on Fifth Avenue
>at 93rd Street. Granted, if I choose to walk through
>the park to my meeting, I could be too preoccupied
>with my business presentation to appreciate the full
>impact of "The Gates."
>O.K., perhaps it's best if you hold off on
>reconstructing "The Gates" until after my meeting. The
>meeting should take about an hour. So, to be on the
>safe side, how does 2:15 p.m. on the 24th sound?
>Actually, I should point out that, if my meeting goes
>less than an hour, it would indicate that my
>presentation was an unmitigated disaster and I won't
>feel like walking through "The Gates." I know what
>you're thinking: "The Gates" were so transcendent that
>they instantly made one's troubles seem trivial. But I
>know me. If things go badly at the meeting, I'll be in
>no mood for "The Gates."
>So just to make sure we don't rush into something
>we'll both regret, let's look at Friday the 25th. I'm
>actually going back to Los Angeles that day, but not
>until late afternoon. If the meeting on the 24th goes
>well, I'll have a follow-up on the 25th at 9:15 a.m.
>and, more important, I'll be feeling pretty good about
>myself. Now, I won't want to walk through "The Gates"
>before my 9:15 meeting because, in L.A. time, that's
>6:15, and who can deal with transcendence at that
>hour? But after the meeting, let's see ... I have to
>get back to the hotel and pack up. Checkout is noon
>but I think I can push it to three so - yes, that's
>perfect. How's 10:30 on Friday the 25th work for you?
>I'll tell you what, let me pencil you in and I'll call
>when I come to town.
>Friday, March 25, 10:30 a.m.: Walk through "The
>Gates." (Tentative)
>Peter Mehlman writes for film and television.
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