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[Nettime-ro] The Post-Industrial Carnival

The Post-Industrial Carnival
An art event scheduled for late April, 2005
Located at the Union Train Station in Tampa
(for info on the venue, see

We invite proposals addressing a wide range of possible interpretations for this theme. We consider post-industrial to mean not simply "after or beyond the industrial experience", but rather are interested artworks that may address:
- commodity culture 
- the ways in which industrial labour  is rendered invisible in the "service industry"
- new utopias of the technoculture, 
- media and the production of identities, 
- contradictory mechanisms of engagement and dis-engagement : media, travel, virtual worlds
- the acceleration of successive nostalgias,
- idealizations of  a "traditional past"
- surveillance and the imperatives  of "security"

Perhaps a carnival, then ,  is a space where our individual experiences can intersect.  A carnival , whether amusing,  frightening or grotesque,   is both about inclusion and exclusion:  we arrive at the carnival seeking  to belong to an imaginary "us", and to differentiate from "them". We invite proposals that celebrate, critique,  resist, perform or otherwise interrogate the notion of a carnival.

April 11th - final submission deadline
April 18th - selected artists notified
April 24th - work delivered to the venue and installed -- all work must be received in its final form
April 30th - reception  featuring Chaotic Formula Orchestra

How to propose:
By mail: 3-5 slides, VHS or DVD (multi-standard formats please), artist statement relevant to proposed work, description of installation requirements,  full contact info, mailed or hand-delivered  to
Rozalinda Borcila
University of South Florida
School of Art and Art History, FAH 110
Tampa, FL 33620

By email: please send all of the above, appropriately compressed, to

(Sorry, we may not be able to return submission materials. We can hower send you all promotional and press materials generated for the event as well as documentation of the show.)

For international submissions: we will have DVD and VHS players, projectors, monitors and several Mac's available for media work. We are also able to print color images from digital files, to burn DVD's of video work and we are interested in working with you to help arrange whatever output you may need. Please contact us for information on how to upload large files to our secure server. Web work also most welcome, as are remote performances, conceptual pieces , interventions and so on. Contact us directly to arrange submissions and discuss the timeline.

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