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[Nettime-ro] *MADE IN ITALY*

Monday 30th Jan 2006 h. 03.00pm
Scienze della Comunicazione, Aula 1
Via Salaria, Roma

*Candida tv and D Media*
present *MADE IN ITALY*

An inquiry into the transformations of labour in Italy and Eastern
Europe ? the production of Italian brands in Romania where the costs of
labour are cheaper, and the migration of Romanian women to Italy in
search of a better life. An overview on delocalization and precarious
work in the enlarged Europe, seen through the cameras of women across

Introduction :
Matilde Ferraro,
professor of  Cooperation and Development at the University
"La Sapienza" of Rome.

Candida TV (Italy)
 From 1999 promotes the "Make your own TV'".
The crew has been producing tv fictions and socially engaged 

D Media (Romania)
It was founded in 2003 and it is a group for alternative 
media promoting free acces to media, since 2004 the group 
focuses on video production, making documentaries, 
worshops on video

Nita Mocanu


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