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[Nettime-ro] Re: Nettime-ro Digest, Vol 38, Issue 7

Gallery 2, 847 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL

May 5-21ïIrina Botea

Auditions for a Revolution

Video and 16mm film transfer, 24 min, 2006

Chicago 2006, young people audition for roles in a reenactment of the

first televised revolution, the 1989 Romanian revolution. In the piece, the artist, a Romanian, who witnessed

the events, juxtaposes actual footage of the revolution* with reenactments by non-Romanian speaking

performers of those same televised events. The new performance was recorded on video and also on 16mm

film camera, a camera the artist acquired from a documentary film company that quite likely used the camera

 to film the 1989 revolution.

*Courtesy Harun Farockiâs film âVideogram of a Revolutionâ _______________________________________________
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