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[Nettime-ro] AVmotional Focus on Japan l Mirrorball l Made in Japan

AVmotional Focus on Japan: Mirrorball & DJ Krush l 
  May 26th 2007 l Bucharest
  a selection by the Edinburgh International Film Festival
  Visual adventures, Nippon style. A comprehensive, eye-poppin' round up of must-see Japanese music promos and shorts.
  "The focus for this years programme is towards production companies and directors who have excelled, by encouraging greater creative freedom and bringing-on younger talents, leading to numerous award-winning promos and shorts. Yuichi Kodama at Caviar has been a rising star in recent years, and both his promos for POLYSICS feature the wee robo-poppin-tastic schoolgirl Strong Machine2. She also pops up in Kosai Sekine?s upcoming short opening titles for Raindance Film Festival. The multi-coloured character designs of GROOVISIONS have been celebrated for much of the past decade, though they also shake their thing with entertaining animated promos for HALFBY. Production company P.I.C.S. have carved a reputation for championing fresh ideas and talent from new directors like Takumi Shiga, Adapter and Natsuki Kida and are also home to the wild imagination of livemation pioneer Hiroyuki Nakao. 
  Hip-hop-rappers RIP SLYME have also had top treatments for their tracks Under The Sun from teeve graphics? Junji Kojima, and the latest release Love-e from Takeshi Nakamura at Caviar. O-tanoshimini!"
artist | title | director | production company | record company (or client)

POLYSICS | I My Me Mine (Strong Machine2 version) | Yuichi Kodama | Caviar | Ki/oon Records

POLYSICS | Electric Surfin? Go Go | Yuichi Kodama | Caviar | Ki/oon Records

RIP SLYME & Quruli | Love-e | Takeshi Nakamura (Caviar) | Pyramid Film | Warner Music Japan + Victor Entertainment

Kosai Sekine | Daughter (short) | Hat + The Directors Network, Tokyo | Raindance Film Festival

HALFBY | Rodeo Machine | GROOVISIONS | GROOVISIONS | Second Royal Records

HALFBY | Screw The Plan | GROOVISIONS | GROOVISIONS | Toy?s Factory

Tadashi Tsukagoshi | Arrow (short) | TohokuShinsha

Satoshi Kuroda | one of the ways (short) | P.I.C.S.

ASIA ENGINEER | JIYUNI ARUITE AISHITE | Kei Uehara & Takumi Shiga | P.I.C.S.| avex entertainment

Hiroyuki Nakao | Dynamite Guys (short) | P.I.C.S. | MTV JAPAN

KATTENI-SHIYAGARE & EGO-WRAPPIN? | Vermouth Flowers | Natsuki Kida | free gate + P.I.C.S. | EPIC Records

Isao Nishigori | Colors of the Dark (Planetarium visual) | P.I.C.S. | Miraikan

Chisako Mikami | Sou Tai Kei | Adapter | YAMAHA CORPORATION/CREAGE

Takumi Shiga | SPORTS | Animal | P.I.C.S. | Victor Entertainment

Mikio Hirama | Ware wa Yuku | Koichiro Tsujikawa | Polystar Records

Boom Boom Satellites | Kick It Out | Masatsugu Nagasoe | teevee graphics | Sony Music (SMEJ)

RIP SLYME | Under The Sun | Junji Kojima | teevee graphics | Warner Music Japan
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