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[Nettime-ro] LabforCulture: Call for Curatorial Proposals


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                                                         Call for curatorial proposals                       Deadline July 1, 2007 is the essential online tool for everyone involved in  arts and culture who creates, collaborates, shares and produces across  borders in Europe. This interactive web platform was launched in 2006  to encourage dialogue, networking and collaboration across physical,  cultural and imaginative borders across 48 countries in the broader  Europe. Initiated by the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) and jointly  developed and supported by many of Europe's leading cultural  organisations, LabforCulture offers a wealth of essential information,  debate and research - including all the latest news, vital funding  tips, blogs and a vast searchable database of cultural organisations  operating from Rome to Reykjavík. will celebrate its first anniversary  in the summer of 2007 and in this context we are pleased to announce a  call for an experienced media art curator or curatorial collaboration  to conceptualise and manage an online presentation of specially  commissioned artworks, for presentation in early 2008.         Call for proposals         This is an open call  to Europe-based curators to propose a creative concept for the  LabforCulture anniversary project, be responsible for the ultimate  selection of artworks and critically reflect on the project throughout  its duration and after its end. The concept and commissioned artworks  should address, challenge and rethink issues such as cross border  dialogue, cultural intersections, crossings or networks, in the context  of LabforCulture and cultural cooperation in the broader Europe. The  curatorial proposal will contextualise and document the work in  relation to the scope, content and technological framework of         Curatorial profile                       The selected curator/s should:                
     have demonstrated experience in either curating Net Art and/or artists  who use the internet as integral to their practice.         
            have a curatorial track record in the field of media art                 
            have demonstrated cultural project management experience                 
            demonstrate their ability to write about and critically evaluate the presented works               
                        Responsibilities          The curator/s will be contracted by the European Cultural Foundation on  a freelance basis for the period of August 1, 2007 to May 15, 2008, and  will receive a fee of 7000 Euro (excluding 2 required trips to  Amsterdam for work with the LabforCulture team, but including any  additional travel required to deliver the proposed project, to be  discussed with the LabforCulture Director). In addition to the fee, a  fixed commissions and documentation budget will be provided. 
            design a concept and thematic framework for the project                 
            make the final selection of artists                 
            maintain an appropriate timeline for agreed outputs                 
     be the main contact person for the commissioned artists (LabforCulture  will be responsible for the administration of the project in terms of  contracts, payments and overall coordination of the project)         
            manage the agreed commissions and documentation budget, which will be overseen and administrated by LabforCulture                 
     write an engaging curatorial statement to be published on LabforCulture  in November 2007 and a subsequent series of texts to accompany the  presentations in 2008, introducing and reflecting on the selected  artists/artworks         
            be available to travel to Amsterdam as required, to meet with LabforCulture staff over the course of the project                 
     work in close collaboration with the LabforCulture team in relation to  the technical framework and requirements of the commissioned artworks         
    work with the LabforCulture team to agree and  implement an appropriate page/section for the project that integrates  with the current website design and branding         
            work with the LabforCulture Communications team to promote the project and be available for press interviews                 
            gather and prepare documentation about the commissioned artists and artworks for presentation on                 
     ensure appropriate documentation of the project is undertaken and after  its end, reflect on the process, challenges and experience of the  project in a final text/public discussion forum.        
                        Selection panel          Annet Dekker (Head of Exhibitions and Artlab, Netherlands Media Art  Institute, Amsterdam, NL) and Kelli Dipple (Webcasting Curator, Tate,  London, UK) will join the LabforCulture content development team to  select the curatorial proposal.         Submissions                  Interested curators will be asked to submit the following material BY EMAIL ONLY no later than July 1, 2007:         
            Cover letter                 
            Curator's CV                 
            Proposed title for the project                 
            Curatorial concept                 
            Examples of artists and/or artworks that demonstrate the curatorial concept                 
            A proposed timeline for associated landmarks and outputs                 
     An estimated budget with preliminary allocations for commissioned work,  associated travel and documentation activities (broad areas of  expenditure only)        
       Proposals should be sent to the attention of:        
       Angela Plohman        
       Content Development        
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