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[Nettime-ro] Sound Proof Event

E:ventGallery presents
 Sound Proof
 Curated by Monica Biagioli and Colm Lally

 Angus Carlyle
 Brown Sierra
 Jem Finer
 Miller and McAfee Press
 Sara Heitlinger and Franc Purg
Vessna Perunovich with Boja Vasic

 19th April - 11th May 2008
 Private view: 18th April, 7pm - 10pm

 Sound Proof is a sound art exhibition focusing on the site of the 2012
 London Olympic Games. Six artists have been invited to respond to
 the site in the Lower Lea Valley and to the wider issues and debates
 surrounding the Olympic project. Using sound materials, drawings and
 annotations the participating artists have created audio and visual maps
 that preserve observations of transformation. Taking sound as an audio
 cartography, Sound Proof forms a unique recording of a neighbourhood
 that will have completely changed by 2012. The exhibition presents
 six, 1-hour, sound recordings assembled into a 6-hour programme,
 with an accompanying set of visual maps.

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 96 Teesdale Street, Bethnal Green
 London, E2 6PU
 [gallery open from 12–6pm Friday to Sunday]

Laura Greere
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