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[Nettime-ro] CALL FOR PARTICIPATION- Symptoms of nationalism and critique of nationalism in the practice of contemporary art


International Summer Camp for Contemporary Art Professionals
Symptoms of nationalism and critique of nationalism in the practice of
contemporary art
July 10--17, 2008, Pärnu, Estonia

Public Preparation, an international platform for knowledge-production and
network-based communication, calls for applications to participate in the
2nd thinking camp for contemporary art professionals which will be held in
July 10--17, 2008, in Pärnu, Estonia. Focusing on the symptoms of
(anti-)nationalism and the critique of nationalism in contemporary art
practice, we invite art professionals, especially curators, theoreticians
and art historians, but also artists, who have been dealing with the issue
and related topics in their previous practice to participate, to share
their knowledge, experience and ideas in the thinking camp which might
also take a form of summer school without lectures but a week-long
discussion instead.

The one-week-long summer camp will focus on following issues:
- growing nationalist tendencies in former Eastern European countries as
well as "Old Europe",
- post-soviet and post-colonial condition,
- art in the service of national identity building,
- nationalism and its relation to patriotism,
- nationalism and its relation to internationalism,
- exploiting official and unofficial attributes of nation state in
contemporary art,
- representation of migration, guest workers and illegal status,
- performing citizenship.

The summer camp consists of public events and closed workshops: we expect
all participants to come up with a small presentation for public event,
and continue the discussion in the circle of participants in a more
informal atmosphere.

Public Preparation team will provide accommodation and modest per diem for
all participants, as well as cover the travel cost (partly or entirely)
according to the cost of international transportation. Public Preparation
team is also open to help with fund-raising. Every case will be treated

To apply, you should submit the following data:

- CV
- Motivation Letter -- what is your position toward the issues proposed and
why are you interested in participation
- Example from your former professional practise (exhibition project,
research, article, artistic portfolio)

All information should be sent via e-mail as .pdf files to the address:, project or artistic portfolios by post to the
following address:
Rael Artel
Mõisaküla, Halinga vald
87201 Pärnumaa

The deadline for application is April 27, 2008, the results will be
announced by May 15, 2008.

For further information, please contact Public Preparation team via

More information about Public Preparation project at:

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