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[Nettime-ro] ANOTHER CITY ANOTHER LIFE_Zacheta National Gallery of Art and public spaces of Warsaw


9 April – 31 July 2008
Zacheta National Gallery of Art
and public spaces of Warsaw

The* Another City, Another Life* project deals with the transformation of
Warsaw's urban and public space in the context of similar processes taking
place in other post-socialist cities. It confronts the uncompleted processes
of socialist modernisation, as well as present-day globalisation- and free
market-driven changes, community utopias, and personal images or memories of
another, better life.
The post-socialist space is characterised by a multiplicity of logics many
of which are seemingly incompatible, e.g. the politics of symbolic
commemoration, representation of power, closely defined images of national,
religious or cultural identity, functions parallel to the cities' opening to
global capital flows and an economy based on knowledge, entertainment and
culture. The latter factors are rapidly changing the models of urban
production, destabilising extant social hierarchies. The processes of
neo-liberal slackening are accompanied by the institution of new control
regimes, new borders and exclusions. One can clearly see the weakness of the
urban public space, construed as the democratic agora, the place where the
interests of different social groups are negotiated or even where
antagonisms can clash, relative to the power of state-apparatus control and
investor influence. We are asking the invited artists about the processes
producing Warsaw's public space today, the city's visual structure, the
memory and experience of its inhabitants' everyday life, about what in the
dominant 'distribution of the sensible' is visible and what is not. We will
also consider the place and function of art in shaping up the public space. New
pieces will be created as part of the project, the majority of them in
Warsaw's public space, and their documentation will be then presented at the
Zachęta's Mały Salon. These pieces will be realised successively between
April and July 2008, and the exhibition will expand and evolve as the
artists carry out their activities. In April, we will produce Truth's piece
The Stand, which will be located at an attractive street-vending spot in
Warsaw's public space. Łukasz Gronowski's video piece You Can Do Better Than
That will be shown between commercials on the screen on top of the Sezam
department store at the corner of Marszałkowska and Świętokrzyska. On the 8
April at 6 pm. Angelika Fojtuch will do a public-space performance. Other
projects will be announced on a current basis in the blog At the same time, from 9 April we are presenting at
Mały Salon a video and slide* archive* showing the works and documentations
of artistic projects realised in a number of other post-socialist cities
(Petersburg, Sofia, Bucharest, Budapest, Prague, Zagreb, Lublana,
Chisinau, Yerevan,
Tbilisi, Skopje). These works deal with topics such as the collapse of the
socialist project, including industrialisation and collective housing,
contemporary economic divisions in the cities, the lack of material
continuity, architectural chaos, tourism and image commercialisation, the
peripheries vs. the centre, the possibilities of alternative collective
artistic and political action, the forms of activity and adaptation in the
face of an unpredictable and risky economic situation… The archive will make
it possible to compare the perspective of Warsaw's transformation with
processes occurring in the other cities. Though their community has
increasingly been seen as stigmatising and petrifying no longer valid
geopolitical and cultural divisions, it may offer a chance for gaining a
better understanding of Warsaw's situation in a different context, going
beyond the dominant system of references to Western cities.

*Invited Artists* (Attention! The list can change): Zbyněk Baladrán
(Prague), Rahim Blak (Cracow), Bergamot (Volha Maslouskaya/Brest & Raman
Tratsiuk/Poznań), Grzegorz Drozd (Warsaw), Angelika Fojtuch (Gdynia) , Roman
Dziadkiewicz (Cracow), Andreja Kulunčić (Zagreb), Miklós Mécs (Budapest),
Anna Niesterowicz (Warsaw), Tadej Pogačar (Ljubljana), Karol Radziszewski
(Warsaw), Joanna Rajkowska (Warsaw), R.E.P. – Ksenia Gnilitskaya, Nikita
Kadan, Janna Kadyrova, Lesia Khomenko, Vladimir Kuznetsov, Lada Nakonechnaya
(Kijów/Kiev), Piotr Sakowski (Warszawa/Warsaw), Truth (Wrocław), Twożywo
(Warsaw), Mona Vatamanu i Florin Tudor (Bucharest)

*The Archive:*
Vahram Aghasyan (Yerevan), Zbyněk Baladrán (Prague), Chto Delat
(Petersburg), Miklós Erhardt (Budapest), Daniela Kostova (Sofia), Andreja
Kulunčić (Zagreb), Khinkali Juice (Nadia Tsulukidze & Sophia Tabatadze –
Tbilisi), Tadej Pogačar (Lublana), Nada Prlja (Skopje/London), Marija Mojca
Pungerčar (Ljubljana), Stefan Rusu (Chisinau), Škart (Dragan Protić and
Đorđe Balmazović – Belgrade), School of Arts, Culture and Environment
University of Edinburgh – Tracking the City: Warsaw

Curators: *Joanna Sokołowska, Benjamin Cope*

exhibition sponsor Erste Stiftung, Videoboard

Zbyněk Baladrán's residency stay is supported by International Visegrad Fund
Andreja Kuluncic's project under the Honorary Patronage of His Excellence
Nebojsa Koharovic, the Ambassador of Croatia in Poland.project sponsor by
Andreja Kuluncic Pliva Barr
project partner Tracking the city (as part of the Creative Cities) British
gallery sponsors PERI, Netia, Klima San
official carrier PLL LOT
media patronage Gazeta Wyborcza, Polityka, TVP, TOK FM, The Warsaw Voice,, empik

*Zachęta Narodowa Galeria Sztuki*
*Pl. Małachowskiego 3*
*00-916 Warszawa*
** <>
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