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[Nettime-ro] galeria mObila: focAR | URBAN TRACES - TELEFON, 1-31 iulie, 2008

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galeria mObila

grupul focAR | Alina TUDOR si Razvan NEAGOE

eveniment paralel cu proiectul INTERVENTII3*

1 - 31 iulie, 2008

afis (imprima si transmite mai departe):

Telefonul a devenit un exponent al societatii urbane. Este parte din viata
noastra, el ne creeaza legaturile si ne ajuta sa relationam. In fiecare
apartament gasim un telefon fix, la fiecare individ gasim cate unul sau
doua telefoane mobile, pe fiecare bulevard sau strada importanta exista o
cabina telefonica.
Telefonul inseamna miscare si exprima identitatea celui care vorbeste la el.
Pornim de la ideea ca identitatea nu mai poate fi decat obiectul unei
analize pe orizontala si nu poate fi simplu definit ca artefact urban.
Atata vreme cat schimbarile virulente ce afecteaza toate structurile
socialului reprezinta, ca raspuns firesc, o forma de rezistenta la toate
aceste mutatii, este un gest cultural.
TEL. continua seria spatiilor neconventionale a proiectului Urban Traces.
Dupa proiectele interactive: ?Sus in bloc i?o casa? si ?Curierul? acest
proiect aduce in prim plan un spatiu mic dar... la vedere, pe care il
Am ales telefonul public deoarece el se imbolnaveste de sindromul urban al
vietii cotidiene. El a devenit doar un loc de odihna pentru cei care se
ocupa cu ingrijirea trotuarelor, un adapost impotriva ploii.....este
vandalizat si aproape nici o cabina nu mai are usa.
Este un proiect semnal ce isi propune sa scoata in evidenta indiferenta
colectiva, dar reprezentativa pentru oras.

In prezent, in Bucuresti exista in jur de 7.600 de telefoane publice, cu
400 mai mult decat in anul 2000. La nivelul intregii tari sunt instalate
peste 50.000 de posturi telefonice publice, din care putin peste 15.200,
in mediul rural. Potrivit legii, distrugerea unei cabine telefonice
constituie infractiune potrivit articolelor 217 si 219 din Codul Penal.
Pedeapsa este inchisoarea de la o luna la trei luni. Daca distrugerea sau
degradarea se face prin incendiere, explozie ori prin orice alt asemenea
mijloc si daca rezulta pericol public, pedeapsa este inchisoarea de la 3
la 15 ani.
Jurnalul National (27-05-2005)

proiect realizat de Asociatia Oberliht

* Proiectul ITERVENTII3 este organizat in parteneriat cu
UNAgaleria/Bucuresti si revista de literatura, arta si atitudine STARE de
URGENTA/Chisinau, si finantat de Uniunea Latina (biroul din Republica
Moldova), Institutul Cultural Roman prin Programul CANTEMIR, Fundatia
Culturala Europeana si Henkel Romania.

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mObile gallery

focAR group | Alina TUDOR & Razvan NEAGOE

a side event to the INTERVENTIONS3* project

July 1 - 31, 2008

poster (print and forward):

The Telephone has become an exponent for urban society. It is a part of
our life; it creates connections between us and helps us in making
relations. There are telephones inside every apartment, on main streets
and boulevards there are telephone booths and every person has a mobile
phone at hand.
Telephone means motion and it expresses the identity of the one who uses it.
We start up from the idea that the identity cannot be anything else but
the object of a horizontal analysis and can?t be simply defined as an
urban artefact. It represents a cultural sign as long as the virulent
changes affecting all the social structures register as a natural answer a
form of resistance over the all these mutations.
TEL. continues the series of unconventional spaces as part of the Urban
Traces project. Following the interactive ?Up in the flat there?s a house?
and ?Courier? projects, this one brings in front a small but? sizeable
space, which is ignored.
We have chosen the public phone because it is getting sick of daily urban
life syndrome. It has become a place for passers by to have rest, a
shelter to hide from the rain? it is vandalised and almost none of the
phone booths has the door.
This project is a warning sign regarding the collective indifference that
is representative for big cities.

In present in Bucharest there are about 7.600 public telephones, 400 more
than it was in 2000. On the country level there are at least 50.000 public
telephone posts installed, out of which 12.500 in the rural areas.
According to the Penal Code, articles 217, 219, damaging a phone booth
represents an illegal act penalized from 1 to 3 months of imprisonement.
If there is a damage or degradation registered due to arson, explosion or
any other similar act and if it results in public danger the penalty can
be from 3 to 15 years of imprisonement.
Jurnalul National (27-05-2005)

a project by Oberliht Association

* The INTERVENTIONS3 project is organized in partnership with
UNAgaleria/Bucharest and STATE of EMERGENCY - magazine for literature, art
and attitude, with the financial support of the Latin Union (office from
Republic of Moldova), Romanian Cultural Institute through the CANTEMIR
Program, European Cultural Foundation and Henkel Romania.

Moldova Young Artists Association "Oberliht"
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information gateway for arts and culture from Moldova

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