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 > >Which is why it is imperative we bring about a higher order
 > >consciousness
 > despre ce vorbesti aici?

First of all, let me ask you - what is the reciprocal of  
Prostitution, the Profane, and prostituting the infinite potential of  
into a finite value, with mad abandon, in the name of 'progress' +  
'democracy' + utterly meaningless non stop reklame +?

One way of describing what I was referring to is - what a woman does  
to a man, on an universal scale,
or rather what a woman does to metamorphose a boy into a man.

Light upon Light - the Infinite Looking Glass - NN

\\ m9ndfukc.maCht.fre!


  Johnson: Ever heard of this book?

Natasha: "The Capital of Pain". No

Johnson: Some words are underlined

Natasha: We live in the void of metamorphoses

But the echo that runs through the day...

...that echo beyond time, anguish or caress...

Are we near to our conscience, or far from it?

These are words I don’t understand


Johnson: Death in conversation

And that

Natasha: Your eyes have returned from a despotic land...

...where no one has known the meaning of a glance

Johnson: You’ve really no idea what this is?

Natasha: It reminds me of something

I don’t know what

The naked truth

I know it well

Despair is wingless, so is love...

I am as alive as my love and despair...

[Johnson grabs book from Natasha]

Johnson: And this: Dying is not dying

And this: The beguiler beguiled

This: Men who change

Never heard of secret messages, Miss Vonbraun?

Natasha: A secret message?

Johnson: Don’t you know what a secret is?

Natasha: Yes. Planning secrets, atomic secrets, memory secrets

Johnson: Now what are you looking for?

This dump is driving me nuts!

Natasha: I’m looking for a Bible, to see if it’s in it

Johnson: What?

Natasha: The word I’m looking for, of course.

Are you stupid?

Where is it? There’s always one per person.

I’m becoming afraid

Since you’ve come, I no longer understand what is happening

Johnson: Me, I think I’m beginning to understand

[a knock, and breakfast is wheeled into the room by a hotel worker]

Natasha: I’ve found it

"Conscience"... it’s not in it

Worker: I’m very well, thank you, you’re welcome

Natasha: "Conscience"...

Not in the new one, either

So no one here...

...knows the meaning of the word conscience any more

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