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Re: [Nettime-ro] European Biennial Network Newsletter # 4

> From: European Biennial Network <>

>  EUROPEAN BIENNIAL NETWORK - Biennial Exchange and
> Residency Programme      
>  Residency Programme - OPEN CALL FOR APPLICATIONS
>  As part of its ongoing Residency Programme, the  European
> Biennial Network is issuing an Open Call for applications
> for a  residency position offered by the Athens Biennale.
>    The European Biennial Network is a collaborative 
> structure, active in the field of contemporary art, that
> aims to promote  dialogue, interaction and collaboration
> between contemporary art Biennials in  Europe. It intends to
> use the knowledge, experience and wealth of information 
> accumulated by organisers of large-scale periodic art
> events, in order to  support the communication and mobility
> of artists and art professionals.
>    The Residency Programme of the European Biennial 
> Network aims to offer to successful applicants the
> opportunity to conduct  original research on contemporary
> art in a major city, while supported by the  organisers of a
> biennial exhibition. The knowledge and experience of the
> host  and its relationship to the specific locality will
> provide the resident access  to the local art scene,
> historical records, archives, academic collocutors, and  any
> other support necessary for research.
>  Each member Biennial of the European Biennial  Network is
> individually responsible for the resident it will host. The
> position  for which this Open Call is made is the following:
>    One three-month residency for a curator hosted by the 
> Athens Biennale, 
>    between 1st May 2009 to 30th July  2009. 
>            Residency position requirements: The scope of
> the residency must relate  to researching the Athens
> contemporary art scene. 
>    The resident will be required  to follow a demanding
> programme, which will include studio visits,  conversations
> with artists, curators, critics and academics, collectors,
> museum  directors, and other art professionals, as well as
> visits to exhibitions and  portfolio examinations. He/she
> will also be expected to fully engage with the  local scene,
> acquiring an expertise in local artists that may be used in
> future  projects. He/she will also be required to give
> lectures about former and  current projects, participate in
> seminars with various partners of the Athens  Biennale. 
>    The term of the residency coincides with final
> preparations and the  opening the 2nd Athens Biennale 2009
> HEAVEN, which will offer the  resident a unique ‘insiders
> look’, as well as the opportunity to experience the  city
> at a most vivid period for contemporary art. 
>    This application is open to  all curators, whether
> permanently employed at an institution or independent.
>    Applications must be made for the specific  residency
> position. The successful applicant will be selected by the
> Athens Biennale.  (Please see Application Guidelines below.)
>    The successful applicant will be offered travel  to and
> from their host city and accommodation, as well as a stipend
> of 1.000  euros per month. Additional funds for equipment
> and/or transport of work may be  available, depending on the
> specifics of the residency.
>    Upon completion of the residency, the resident  will be
> required to produce a text, outlining the basic parameters
> of his/her  research, which will be used for publication by
> the European Biennial Network.
>  Application Guidelines:
>      Applications must be made  by cv and a letter of
> interest (max. 500 words). There is no special  application
> form.  
>        In the letter of interest,  the applicant must
> clearly outline how he/she intends to respond to the
> requirements  of the position.  
>        Applicants may be requested  to provide further
> clarifications and/or additional material, during the 
> selection process. This will not constitute any indication
> as to the success of  the application.  
>        Generic applications, or  ones not clearly relating
> to the requirements of the position, will not be  accepted. 
>        Applications must be in English.   
>        Although the Athens Biennale will be selecting the
> successful applicant, applications must not be  sent
> directly to the Athens Biennale. Any such applications will
> not be  accepted. Applications must be sent by  e-mail only
> (attached as word or pdf documents) to the European Biennial
> Network:    
>        Application deadline: 28th February 2009, 
> inclusive.   
>        The successful applicant  will be notified by the
> Athens Biennale, after 15th March 2009.  
>        Only the successful  applicant will be notified. We
> regret that due to the volume of applications  expected, we
> cannot individually reply to each applicant. 
>  Biennial Exchange and Residency Programme
>  with the support of the Culture Programme of the European
> Union 
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