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Poate cineva ieste interesat

The Music Technology Group (<http://mtg.upf.edu>http://mtg.upf.edu)
>>of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra is looking for a talented and
>>self-motivated promoter to lead its funding and technology transfer
>>- Lead public funds raising activities.
>>- Coordinate R&D project definition (project structure, budget, partners).
>>- Manage technology transfer relationships (negotiations, licensing
>>- Lead Intellectual Property protection activities.
>>- Lead the dissemination activities of the MTG.
>>- Collaborate on the definition of MTG long term strategy.
>>- Knowledge of the R&D public funding sector (EU grants and
>>national/regional funding).
>>- Knowledge of Intellectual Property related aspects (Patents,
>>technology licensing, etc.)
>>- Basic understanding of software development and music technology
>>- Languages: English and Catalan/Spanish.
>>This position is full-time, on-site in Barcelona, at the 22@
>>district. Traveling might be required from time to time. The
>>working language in our Lab is English.
>>Interested people should send a resume as well as introduction
>>letter to Xavier Serra (xavier dot serra at upf dot edu).
>>Xavier Serra
>>Music Technology Group
>>Universitat Pompeu Fabra
>>Barcelona, Spain
Tibor Kanyadi
Tel: 020-5579898
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