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Re: [Nettime-ro] PAVILION #14 OUT NOW

On Jan 27, 2010, at 11:02 AM, PAVILION [contemporary art & culture magazine] wrote:

Guest editor: Marina Grzinic

"I am interested in rethinking conceptually, politically and ideologically the conditions of the re/production of life, art and culture in the social and political space in the present moment of neoliberal global capitalism. Capitalism is not just a framework “out there somewhere.” It is the condition sine qua non of the way we live and of how life is conceptualized today. It is also the basic condition of the way in which the social and political layers of society function. Last but not least, it is at the basis of the way in which each and every institution of contemporary capitalist society is organized and functions today. When I say “institution,” I mean both its material foundation and its “non-material” discourses. Institutions today comprise innumerable social practices, their theoretical conceptualization and practical organizations." (extras from "From Biopolitics to Necropolitics and the Institution of Contemporary Art" by Marina Grzinic)

Pavilion represents and promulgates the quintessential capitalist production within the urban filth environment.

Marina Grznic is a cultural prostitute who operates within the pop tart confines of the socialist blanket provided by the western european capitalist system.
She is a supra nationalist and occident popularizer.

Pavilion = Neo-Communist Lip Service to Modernization, Progress and Ubiquitous Prostitution sponsored by the banks + capitalist governments, not unlike other art / prostitution organizations that are sponsored and kept in operation by the very system they pretend to oppose.

The entire parasitical system exists on environmental exploitation and blue collar labor.

In this issue:

New and improved prostitution [tm]

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