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[nettime-see] Tactical Media Camp VIS (07-12.08.2003)

Multimedijalni institut, u suradnji sa partnerskim udrugama projekta
OTOKULTIVATOR, po završetku istog organiziraju:
* kamp za takticke medije TM Camp VIS http://n5m.mi2.hr/ & 
* VJ konvenciju 320 x 240 http://www.320x240.org/ !


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Tactical Media Camp - VIS 
(43.062n | 16.168e)
'the summer you can not forget, with all the media to remind you of'
07. - 12. 08. 2003. ex-military base Samogor, island of Vis - CROATIA 

Context of Tactical Media Camp - VIS

Earlier last year Multimedia Institute was approached by organisers of
Next 5 Minutes, tactical media festival organisers from Amsterdam, to take
part in preparations and editorial work towards fourth incarnation of
festival. The concept of 3 day festival changed into a platform which was
now more inbeded in trans-local activities. 
During the event we organised in May 2002 (new.media.culture.week),
CLUBTURE network was established as new association of NGOs across Croatia
working in urban/contemporarry/youth/alternative culture... inspired by
this decentralisation processes, we decided to organise a series of events
that would engage practitioners outside Zagreb. N5Mhr idea was developted
and events in Dubrovnik, Pula, Split, Osijek, Zagreb and finally with Vis
Tactical Media Camp (as the regional meeting/event). 

Island of VIS as a Vanue

From 1945 to 1991, Vis was a base of the Yugoslav National Army, people
moved out (in 1953, the island had 7743 inhabitants; in 1981, it had
4163), and the island was closed for foreign people. 
With democratic changes in the beginning of the nineties, as an integral
part of the Republic of Croatia, Vis opens for the world and is
demilitarized, but the question remains what to do with the remaining army
infrastructure which is going to waste, the question of the development of
the sustainable economy and tourism.

This is where we come in : ) with workshops and conferences to live up the
place and try giving it fresh perspectives/directions. On the island of
Vis in ex-military fascilities Samogor during the summer of 2003 a series
of events will be organised by Multimedia Institute and partner
Otokultivator (summer cultural camp for youth), Tactical Media Camp Vis
and VJ Convention, Summer Source (software camp for NGOs). 

Program of TM Camp VIS

In tradition of activist camping events (though this one is not actuall
camp fascility, but ex-military base) we plan to provide both work and
festivity programs. Most of the "funtatonment" for party lovers will be
provided at evenings/nights during VJ Convention
(http://www.320x240.org) hours.For geeks and die-hard activists we have
developted a 'real program' of daily: workshops, lab sessions, talks/demos
& screenings. 

Here is overview of program:

* Overall summer program on Vis, including relations to other paralel
activities like VJ convention
* Vis TM Camp program structure, with topics adressing Next 5 Minutes 4
Festival program and local media activities in region and Croatia

Who is @ TM Camp VIS ?

As diverse the field of tactical media is we tried to sample the most
interesting people in different backrounds.
For the TM Camp VIS we brought together ...video activists, linux hackers,
nettime moderators, indymedia reporters, media lab freaks,
activist-designers, radio pirates, performers ...NGOs in ICT, non-formal
groups, international networks, institutional rule-brakers, corporate
deviants and tech newbees, coming from: Italy, UK, New Zeland, Canada,
USA, Nederlands, Germany, Austria, Libia, Romania, Srbia & Monte Negro,
Bosnia & Hercegovina, Slovenia and finally Croatia. 

organisers/organizacije: mi2 & otokultivator crew
Networks: a.network, OSSA, IMCs, NGO-ICTs, CLUBTURE...

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