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March 1, 2005
Los Angeles


>From the album ULTRA-RED PLAY KANAK ATTAK, "Movement for Airports" takes
sounds from a 2001 anti-deportation protest at Frankfurt Airport to craft
an electro-house anthem. With its snarling bassline and crisp house riff,
the track amplifies the rage of protestors demanding the release of
migrants held by the German government and awaiting
deportation to the countries from which they fled.

In the summer of 2004, Ultra-red joined with members of the German
anti-racist network Kanak Attak (www.kanak-attak.de) and musician
Elliot Perkins for the Transistors Tour 2004. Beginning in Berlin, the
Tour made its way through the Balkan region, stopping in Ljubljana, Zagreb
and Sarajevo. These events were hosted by members organizations of the
a.network (www.anetwork.org) The last stop, Belgrade, brought Ultra-red to
the very place the German government deports up to 20,000 migrants a year
as part of its repatriation agreement with Serbia.

For the single release of "Movement for Airports," Ultra-red solicited
remixes from artists representing each of the countries visited during the
Transistors Tour. Stylistically varied, the remixes show the
sensibility of artists who have witnessed war, the criminalization of
difference, and the constitution of social movements within the short span
of a decade. In the context of migrant struggle, one remixer, Goran
Simonoski of PoS, contemplates the incomplete project of
trans-formation begun with Serbia's pro-democracy movement:
"Revolution was the only way for us to stop dictatorship. God bless the

The freedom of movement must be recognized as a fact of everyday life.
Such freedom must be recognized for all people, from sex workers, to farm
workers, families and lovers seeking reunion, Roma people,
political refugees, and not just the sole right of privileged workers of
the neoliberal order, like NGO workers, technical elites and
cosmopolitan electronic musicians.

The "Movement for Airports" remix EP is available for free download under
fair-use guidelines at Ultra-red's PUBLIC RECORD web archive. Also
included on the album is the original full-length version of the song, an
exclusive Ultra-red remix and a radio-friendly single

Selected with the help of Zagreb-based free digital publishing label
EGOBOO.bits (www.egoboobits.net), the artists remixing "Movement for
Airports" include Octex (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Jeanne Frémaux (Zagreb,
Croatia), Vuneny (Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina), PoS (Belgrade,
Serbia-Montenegro), as well as Elliot Perkins and Ultra-red.

Remix artists' biography statements:

Working under the alias Octex, Jernej Marusic is a star player in the
Ljubljana techno-scene. When he appeared on the first Tehnika
compilation of Slovenian techno, Octex attracted the notice of the late
great UK DJ John Peel. Octex's distinct take on minimal
electronica has earned him awards and spawned numerous major concert
appearances. His stunning remixes for fellow-Slovenians Laibach have
brought the retro-garde rockers into the modern age.

Hailing from Zagreb, Croatia, the sound artist team Jeanne Frémaux work in
areas between electroacoustic music and glitch-pop. Founded in mid-2000,
Jeanne Frémaux create a complex mélange of electronic
genres, principally abandoning traditional pop structures in favor of
disturbing and highly processed sound-styling and articulate
production design.

In the short span of two years, the electro-acoustic trio Vuneny have gone
from Mostar, Herzegovina unknowns to Balkan musical heroes. The trio of
Andrian Zovko (samplers & keyboards), Nedim Cisic (guitars) and
percussionist Asmir Sabic create a crossover of electronics with rock,
dub, and experimental concrete sound. Adding to their unique sound, Vuneny
draw on a wide-range of folk instruments utilizing
percussion such as darbuka, udu, djembe, rattles as well as flutes,
didjeridoo, and kazoo.

PoS is the alias of Belgrade-based sound engineer and music producer Goran
Simonoski. Most of his acitivities are related to the small but
hyper-active collective Belgradeyard Sound System, a trio formed in 1999
with DJ Relja Bobiæ and bassist Ivan Antiæ. The group is also responsible
for their weekly radio of the same name on Belgrade's
famous Radio B92 as well as the yearly Dispatch electronic music
festival now in its third year.

A featured performer on the Transistor Tour 2004, Elliot Perkins
splits his time between rural Devon UK and Berlin. Perkins made his mark
on the electronic music scene releasing a number of highly
acclaimed albums on the Morr Music label under the name Phonem. He also
appeared on Miami's Beta Bodega label as Spike. Following a three year
hiatus, Perkins reappeared early this year with the PUBLIC RECORD album
EURODAC EXPRESS. Perkins is currently collaborating on
Ultra-red's upcoming BLOK70 project.

with exclusive remixes is available for free download now.

Public Record is the internet-based archive of the Ultra-red
audio-activist organization.  Established for the distribution of work by
Ultra-red members and allies, Public Record serves as an interface between
the organization and its publics with free fair-use downloads of exclusive
full-length albums, images, texts and video.

Ultra-red: www.ultrared.org
Public Record: www.publicrec.org
Contact: Ultra-red Information Secretary, info@ultrared.org
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