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[oldboys] CALL: very cyberfeminist international

Call for Proposals/Abstracts


organizer: old boys network
(Verena Kuni, Helene von Oldenburg, Claudia Reiche, Cornelia Sollfrank)
date: december 13-16, 2001
location: lichtmesz-kino

This will be a three-day conference addressing different themes each day,
and including evening programs.

01: opening reception
[evening, december 13, 2001, thursday]
At the opening reception OBN introduces itself in a performative way. All
speakers of the conference as well as other additionally invited
CYBERFEMINISTs present their personal approach to CYBERFEMINISM during a
poster presentation. 20-30 presenters are standing in front of their
individual posters and explain
it to the audience. The single presentations do not exceed 10 minutes and
will be 'looped'. Everybody will be talking, playing and performing at the
same time.

02: CYBERFEMINIST networking - knot working - not working?
[day, december 14, 2001, friday]
Due to the underlying dynamics of networks there is a permanent need to
clarify the changing organizational structure and the way that individual
members see the network and their roles within it. It is important that
members express their divergent ideas of structure and networking and
develop them into a common structure which only can be the basis for
networked action and reality. Using an open format, the past, the present,
and the future goals of obn will be discussed, and all kinds ot utopian
visions for obn's future will be aired. A next step will be to go beyond our
own network, and to look at the condition and the potential of
self-organized structures as an alternative to institutional forms within
the art system, academia and politics, and discuss their relations and

03: function of (start) function of (shut) function of (stop) function of
(open) = new border concepts
[day, december 14 & 15 2001, friday & saturday]

Mathematical functions are the core of algorithms that operate computers.
Temporal and spatial borders can be written as interacting functions.
Closings and beginnings, endings and openings combine and cross, thus
modeling the experiences of borders we enjoy or suffer. Breakthrough,
shelter, prison, invasion or escape are not neutral in terms of control.
For: who is able to manipulate those functions? They are always political.
Liberation was another word for a hack in the system's functions in
operation, inserting the border of the real into the reality of the
operating system. New border concepts perform the relations of power as well
as the dynamics of variable temporal and spatial functions.
CYBERFEMINISM is no game without borders, but a playing with borders that
takes them seriously, a work at the boundaries of that 'contested zone' in
which the so-called real and virtual diverge, and which mines utopias of
transgression, understanding them as a potential for transformation. If
CYBERFEMINISM is also a utopia, then its utopian designs can be fictions as
well as specific political options. In the field of CYBERFEMINISM utopias
offer differentiated models for discussion which can invent new forms of
communication, open up new articulations of space and time which do not only
function in cyberspace, or suggest models based on genetic technologies,
operating new life or gender models.

The borders between political utopia, science fiction, and technological
innovations have always been fluid - beyond judgment as to value.
CYBERFEMINISTs take an inventive, tactical part in furthering a perforation,
diffusion, conversion, transgression, subversion etc. of cultural forms with
technological possibilities. Some points of critical and creative attitudes
towards fluid borders and special concern are:

- new forms of global control and subversion through the electronic
networking technology: how to obtain and secure privacy? how to react to the
globalized economy and to the growing influence of global trusts on national
- realities and utopian fantasies of leaving the limitations and rules of
the known world behind, in outer space as in cyberspace

- manipulations of human consciousness with drugs/ pharmaceutials,
psychological control, or media-related brainwashing

- incorporation of technology into the human body and genetic engineering,
how to understand and invert, use and misuse the possibilities?

- new imaginations of gender with and without medical creations and
redefinitions of sexual organs etc.

On the last evening of the conference there will be party, including
concerts, DJs and VJs -- an evening when everybody will be crossing borders!

The live acts within 'very TRANSGRESSIVE' give an insight into technical,
cultural, political and economic inventions of electronic music and sound
production. They present working methods, with a special focus on the
underrepresentation of women in this field. What does "feminist" mean for a
female commitment in electronic music? It is a question of "technique" - a
possible musical, theoretical and political "technique" in discussion with
the level of media technological development.

05: brunch
[morning/noon, december 16, 2001, sunday]
A casual get together to think over the results of the conference,
strengthen our bodies for the trip back home with good food, and say
good-bye to old and new friends.

[06: live media presence]
In addition to changing possibilities of production we find a complete
restructuring of distribution, which opens up via Internet and new methods
of data compression. New relations between producer and receiver have been
introduced, and provide new possibilities for individual and collective

Every contribution to the conference will be broadcast via live stream
simultaneously through the Internet, and partly through the local radio
station FSK in Hamburg.

"very CYBERFEMINIST International" hopes to address many of the issues
introduced above. We invite intense conversations, controversies,
speculations, papers, projects, presentations in many forms. We invite
paradoxical approaches and diverse interpretations of CYBERFEMINIST theory
and practice. Our hope is to expand our connections and our horizon, to
include an even greater mixture of CYBERFEMINISTs than participated in the
'first' and 'next' CYBERFEMINIST International, and to work out an
operational structure for obn which will allow a smoothly running program
called 'CYBERFEMINIST future'.

Call for Proposals/Abstracts: By October 15, 2001

Please send in proposals and abstracts for posters, presentations, lectures,
DJing, and music performances.

Mail to:


claudia reiche
marthastr. 31c
20259 hamburg

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