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[oldboys] press release - very cyberfeminist international

Very Cyberfeminist International - Press Information - Very Condensed Version	

The Old Boys Network (OBN) proudly presents:

Very Cyberfeminist International
Hamburg/Germany - December 13th to 16th, 2001
Lichtmesz-Kino, Gausstr. 25, 22765 Hamburg

From december 13th to december 16th, 2001 the Old Boys Network (OBN) invites cyberfeminists, fans, friends and fiends of cyberfeminism as well as the interested public to join the Very Cyberfeminist International in Hamburg/Germany - the 3rd international meeting of the cyberfeminist alliance, following the First Cyberfeminist International (Kassel/Germany, September 1997, in the context of Hybrid Workspace at documenta X), and the Next Cyberfeminist International (Rotterdam and Amsterdam/NL, March 1999, in the context of Next Five Minutes Festival)

Cyberfeminism is no game without borders, but a playing with borders that takes them seriously, a work at the boundaries of that 'contested zone' in which the so-called real and virtual diverge, and which mines utopias of transgression, understanding them as a potential for transformation. What role does the digital medium play in the current restructuring of the world when old borders are shifted and new ones set up? And what is the symbolic and concrete function of 'woman' in this process?

A complex field opens up at the interface between gender and technology which results from the question of border and it's transgression. Mostly symbolic transgressions will be analyzed which are experienced (and sentenced) as aggression against an existing order. Artists, politicians, theorists and activists from 11 different countries with highly diverse and international radius of action have been invited.

The Very Cyberfeminist International is organized by the Old Boys Network (OBN),
claudia reiche, cornelia sollfrank, helene von oldenburg, verena kuni
- in cooperation with: les pénélopes (F); constant vzw verenigung voor kunst en media (B) & make: the organisation for women in the arts [formerly known as the women's art library] (London/GB).

Info & Service:
contact phone: bianka buchen 0049-172-9516717

Lichtmesz-Kino, Gaußstr. 25, Hamburg/Altona

kulturbehörde der freien und hansestadt hamburg
senatsamt für die gleichstellung, hamburg
with the support of the culture 2000 programme of the european union,
directorate general education and culture


welcome to the very cyberfeminist international
Thursday, 13th, 8p.m. MET:
opening reception & poster presentation

on the issue: cyberfeminist networking
Friday, 14th, 10.30 a.m. MET:
Part I: networking - knot working - not working?
Friday, 14th, 3.30 p.m. MET:
Part II: new border concepts

cyberfeminism beyond the borders:
reflections on borders, borderlines and border transgressions continued
Saturday, 15th, 10.30 a.m. MET:
Part I: resumption of new border concepts
Saturday, 15th, 3.30 p.m. MET:
Part II: the borders of 'terror' -- media- and war techniques

Satury Night Fever...
Very Transgressive Party
Location: Golden Pudels Club, Fischmarkt 27, Hamburg/St. Pauli
Start: 10 p.m. MET
Featuring: neotropic (London/GB); slowrapid djs cfm & francis (Leipzig/D);
die patinnen (Hamburg/D); DJ babe NL (Prague/CZ).

very cyberfeminist international continued
Sunday, 16th, 10.30 a.m.
Very Cyberfeminist Brunch & informal gathering

Preliminary list of participants: 

alla mitrofanova (RU), andrea sick (D), ania corcilius (D), annette schindler (CH), anne hilde neset (GB), ariane brenssell (D), barbara thoens (D), bianka buchen (D), bildwechsel (D), britta bonifacius (D), britta von heintze (D), corinna bath (D), christina göstl (AU), cindy gabriela flores (MEX), claude draude (D), diana mccarty (D), die patinnen (D), elisabeth strowick (D), faith wilding (USA), feminist indymedia austria (AU), flora&fauna (D), frauke behrendt (D), galerie helga broll (D), genderchangers (INT), irina aristharkova (RU/SG), janine sack (S), jill scott (D/USA), jutta weber (D), lauren cornell (GB), laurence rassel (B), les pénélopes (F), lina dzuverovic-russell (GB), linda putenhardt (D), lola castro (D), margaret morse (GB), margaret tan (SG), maria fernandez (USA, MEX), monika fabig (D), nana petzet (D), nasya bahfen (SG), natalie bookchin (USA), nathalie magnan (F), noaltgirls (INT), nomade (INT), rawa - revolutionary association of the women of afghanistan (AF), rachel baker (GB), rena tangens (D), rosanne altstatt (USA/D), subrosa (USA), susanne ackers (D), susanna paasonen (SF), uli peter (D), ulrike bergermann (D), virtuella (D), vns matrix (AUS), waltraud schwab (D), zorah-mari bauer (D)

For very extended info on OLD BOYS NETWORK (OBN) see
Adjunct Events:

Cyberfem Spirit - Spirit of Data
Exhibition, Edith-Russ-Haus fuer Medienkunst, Oldenburg/Germany
December 1st, 2001 - January 13th, 2002

concept: helene von oldenburg / curators: rosanne altstatt/helene von oldenburg

participating artists:
ursula biemann (CH) - heather cassils / cathy davies (USA) - the gender changer academy (NL, S, CA, ZA, HK) - diane ludin / francesca da rimini / agnese trocchi / (USA, I, AUS) - jen liu (USA) - jenny marketou (GR) - die patinnen teil II (D) - cornelia sollfrank (D) - pernille spence (GB) - linda wallace (AUS)

opening reception: friday, nov 30th, 7 p.m.
special event at 8 p.m.: PowerPoint Performance 'Microsoft Me' by heather cassils and cathy davies

more info see:

'technics of cyber<>feminism  <mode=message>'
hosted by thea.lit frauen.kuklturlabor bremen/germany
a 3 days lab on cyberfeminist theory
December 7th to December 9th,  2001 Künstlerhaus am Deich, Bremen/Germany
concept: claudia reiche - organisation: claudia reiche & andrea sick

marie-luise angerer (D/AT), caroline bassett (GB), anne-marie schleiner (USA), cathérine pelachaud (F), irina aristarkhova (RUS), faith wilding (USA), cornelia sollfrank (D), ulrike bergermann (D), verena kuni (D), marina grzinic (SLO), helene von oldenbirg (D), margaret morse (GB), yvonne volkhart (CH), claudia reiche(D), andrea sick (D)

more info see:

Old Boys Network (OBN)

The old boys network (OBN) came together in summer of 1997, to build up the first international cyberfeminist alliance on- and offline. Basing itself on the commitment to multiple and mutual cooperations as well as the idea of a policy of dissent, the old boys network (OBN) works through personal and media-based networks, thereby developing and practising a variety of cyberfeminist strategies in the field of gender and electronic media.
In addition to their daily work on theories, practices, aesthetics and politics of cyberfeminism(s), the active members of the old boys network (OBN) aim to develop different formats for the distribution and exchange of information and ideas. As well as maintaining the OBN homepage ( and a mailing list, OBN regularly organizes live presentations, lectures, workshops, and symposia for face-to-face-exchange, including conferences like the First Cyberfeminist International (Kassel/Germany, September 1997, in the context of Hybrid Workspace at documenta X), and the Next Cyberfeminist International (Rotterdam and Amsterdam/NL, March 1999, in the context of Next Five Minutes Festival), and currently the Very Cyberfeminist International (Hamburg, 2001, in the context with Cyberfem Spirit - Spirit of Data/exhibition, Edith-Russ-Haus fuer Medienkunst, Oldenburg and technics of cyberfeminism, symposium/lab, thealit Frauen.Kultur.Labor, Bremen). 
So far, the activities of OBN are documented not only online, accessable at the OBN homepage (, but also in print with two OBN Readers, published in 1998 and in 1999, available via email to (background infos and prices also to be found on our homepage,

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