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Re: [oldboys] post very cyber fem conf idems

ahoi nathalie & all,

> next step (among many other) is the idea of a shared data base,
> mirored on several women's run servers, each doing their own
> interface.

this was what laurence offered, wasn't it? was there already a
format (in terms of an existing mask for data entry) or would it make
sense to
collect & discuss about what we wish the database should contain etc?

what about some kind of collective collection of
ideas/wishes/needs concerning cyberfeminist networking  - including
possible collaborations between the initiatives, collective as well as
individual -  as being discussed in the framework of vci (or not being
and therefore maybe missed) and/or inspired by vci (and be it by the way
of what was felt as lacking)?

i.e., nathalie, I remember we were also talking about text accessability
and exchannge;
and laurence was mentioning the difficulties to get french translations.
indeed, I'd imagine this would be another interesting and important area
for collaborative efforts.
together with our old boys homepage relaunch, we already started to
collect texts (doc/rtf, pdf and html format) to make them accessible in
the reading room, but this
project is just in its beginnings. what we were and still are looking
for are the real texts; in case something is already online, this is
fine (we also collect txtlinx) - however, for several reasons many texts
are vanishing after a while, so it makes sense to create an archive for
the data as well.

however, I think it would perfectly make sense to circulate another call
for text collection not only via this list, but also to other
lists/circles one has access to, so we really could create one archive
with texts in any language (english, french, spain, dutch, italian,
german, russian and so on...).
why not simply continue with the obn reading room?
well: if one thinks about a collective text dept., an alphabetical list
like the one we started on the obn.org site won't help thus far. here as
well a retrievable database would be needed; and if we think seriously
about diversity in languages, apart from full text search also some kind
of keyword search would be needed (and this keyword table should be
multilingual, too - which would be not so much a technical problem, but
a question of who is taking care of keywords and keyword translations).
I really would like this idea of an txt archive of cyberfeminist
diversity, may be even a (cyber)feminist gnutenberg project.
it could also be combined with the idea of the personal data-base as
well, as of cause this effort would really need international
collaboration, hence people engaged might well be the same who'd offer
and/or need proof-reading, translation etc

but this is just one possible idea,
curious about others (and hopefully also about comments on this one):

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