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[oldboys] //Digitalesmeeting/working/days//women&technology//Brussels/20_23 Jan.//

///DIGITALES >> 3rd edition _ 20-23 January 2004///
Full days (9am - 9pm) of meetings/participation on work, knowledge, skills,
experiences, dreams and questioning. This time of technological and feminist
activity and continual exchange could give birth to a virtual network.


//Places: Interface3, Rue du Méridien 30 - Amazone, Rue du Méridien 10-
Association 29 rue Blanche,"Mouvements de Femmes", 1060 Brussels & ATEL
46-52 Komiteitstraat, Antwerpen
//Contact & info:

Digitales 2004, "reloaded and nomadic", by multiplying places, partners and
events, will continue to their objective of revealing, initiating, of
critical analysis and transmission by exploring women's image, role,
place,tools, work and art in new technologies. Neither conference, nor
forum, Digitales are continuous days of practical and theoretical work,
organised in a matrix-place for women_s vocational training and in other
physical and virtual places, opening a new space for thinking and creating,
appropriation and autonomy, memory and discovery.

//What are Digitales ?
Digitales are full days of meetings/participation to share knowledge,
skills, experiences, dreams and questioning. They arise from a simple and
complex approach : we live here and now. We use new technologies to work, to
create, to communicate, for our research, to play, to connect, to learn;
They are a common effort to experiment, to exchange knowledge, thoughts and
practices in the world of work and vocational training, of art and academic
research, without falling into techno-phobia or becoming techno-fans. We
have always approached digital techniques with a critical and creative eye
and adopted the women¹s movement practices so that our work encourages
action directly.
Neither conference, nor just a forum, Digitales are continuous days of
³work² open to the public and taking place in places of vocational training
or of work in Belgium, with people who, are being trained and work there,
and with resource people, some local, some not, coming with their tools .
Archives (images, sound, texts) are kept online and largely distributed
since 2001.

Finding a common language to provoke thoughts and to work out a practice
which will stimulate women's action in contemporary society and bring
awareness of the concept of gender to the debates on new technologies
- technological and creative initiation
- understanding of the work tool
- the critical analysis of new technologies
- the discovery and the construction of new images and interactions
- constructing history, means of transmitting experience
Bringing together those who:
- have or want to use technologies to earn their living and to provide for
the needs of a family
- have professional and technical skills on the cutting edge of information
and communication technology and alternative systems
- undertake university research in various disciplines and in various
- create their artistic work by using 'traditional' or 'new' media (film,
video, Internet, digital support)
- are interested by feminist thought on contemporary society.

//Practical workshops and technical/media activities :(registration for the
full time of the workshop, limited numbers of participants)



With:  Nicole Lenoir, Sylvia Bantuelle, Pascale Baïdak, Montserrat Boix ,
CandidaTV & New Global Vision Indymedia , Linux Install Party _ Interface3
Computer team and ex-trainees, Virginie Jortay, Malin Björk, Isabelle Massu,
Peggy Pierrot , Adeline Weckmans, Wireless _ IF3 Computer section, Réseau
Citoyen, Inside your PC - Help Desk trainees, Joost Nieuwenburg, the Gender
Changers, Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven, De Geuzen, MeMOvzw

//Forums and demonstrations of tools: places of open discussions,
demonstration, presentation of projects, of results of research and/or of
tool designs with a view of comparing facts and reality of use and needs to
figures, comments and analyses (best to register)
With: Cornelia Brunner, Isabelle Collet , Wendy Faulkner, Rommes Els, Irma
Van Slooten, Laurence Clayes, Aino-Maija Hiltunen, Erna Kotkamp,  Marlies
Klooster-Ilse Haesendonck - Elisabeth Dumont, Caroline Guffens, Oliver
Schneider, Barbara Glowczewski Fondation Arabe pour l'image (FAI), Tamara
Sawaya, Edeltraup Hanappiegger, Corine Van Hellemont, Sara S'Jegers, Katrien
Lefever,  Muriel Andrin, Mammique, Marie-Gisèle Chevalier,  Cynthia
Cockburn, and 2 members of " Hands Across the Divide", Catherine Stercq ,
Estelle Kreszlo, Yasmina Kherbache , AS/400 Engineers IBM, Precarias a la
deriva (to be confirmed), Intellos Précaires, Anne et Marine Rambach,
European Media(h)ac(k)tivists, Lize De Clercq) , Valerie Swain, Elke
Valgaeren,  Hilde Jamine, Claudia Gaspard, Subregionaal
tewerkstellingscomité Antwerpen, Sarah Bracke

Associated EVENTS : symposium, topical evenings, cultural events or
concerts, organised separately or not, taking place at the same time as
Digitales, which allow mutual influences in the approach to gender, art,
economics, work and community activities in the new technologies.

//Symposium Gender & ICT : Strategies of inclusion - Multidisciplinary
European research Symposium organised the Policy Research Centre on Equal
opportunities (Belg), the European SIGIS Network and the Dutch Association
for Gender & Tecnology :
/// http://www.steunpuntgelijkekansen/genderandict

//ADA  Evening : Women & IT, what image ?  Mascot competition prizegiving
_ADA - Women & new Technologies _, and film projection ‘Conceiving ADA_ by
Lynn Hershman Leeson on Ada Lovelace
//Best Work Place= Best Women Work Place ?
Round-Table organised by  ADA  Network.  Everyone hopes to work in a _ Best
work place _.  Does it means the same thing to both women and men ?

//HTMLLES 06 - Radicale libre circulation 01
Concerts & Web art 
HTMelles : annual and international festival of media arts, an initiative
from Studio xx de Montréal
//web at interface3, 3O rue Méridien 1210 Brussels
- Pascale MALATERRE: L1001S
- Tamara VUKOV : Balkan Mediations
//Concerts _ 23/01/04 _ 20:00 _ at Association 29 rue blanche, Mouvements de
femmes, 1060 Brussels
- Anna FRIZ + Annabelle CHVOSTEK
- I8U
- [sic]

//DIGITALES:>>> Partners
Organising associations :
- The ADA Belgian network which aims to create an exchange, thought and
action network on the subject of women and NTICs. Led by Interface3 Asbl in
partnership with women's training organisations in computer information
technology, @ron, ATEL, Sofft, NFTE, this project is supported by the
Belgian ministry of Labour and Employment and the ESF, and involves a wider
collaboration with companies, guidance centres, schools, etc.
- Constant vzw : an art & media organisation combining artistic and
theoretical analysis on the Internet and digital communication
- The Centre of Research on Equal Opportunities (Steunpunt Gelijke Kansen)
is a consortium of the Antwerp University and the University Centre of the

//circulation 01 is supported by Department of Foreign Affairs and
International Trade, la Délégation du Québec and the Canada Council of Arts,
and Constant vzw through the Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie and the Vlaamse

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