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[rohrpost] Stellenanzeige: Professuren in Stuttgart

Professor (m/f)
Interactive Media

We invite applications for a fulltime position in Interactive
Media and Virtual Environments. Responsibilities include teaching,
research and curriculum development inthe area of digital media arts and

design. Candidates should demonstrate critical engagement with
and cultural issues related to the development of the discipline in
to advanced technical skills in the production of digital media. We are
looking for someone who is committed to program development within the
framework of international co-operation and third-party financed
and shows excellence and innovation through an active professional

Professor (m/f)
Time-Based Media (Video)

We invite applications for a fulltime position to teach and
develop a curriculum in Digital Video as it relates to Time-Based Media
(video, sound, animation). Cross-overs into Interactive Media and
are desirable. Responsibilities include development, teaching and
supervision of a study program in video, organization and participation
third party projects as well as in international co-operation.
should demonstrate engagement and excellence in practice and research
a critical theoretical approach, have an active professional record, and

demonstrate technical skills.

Fluency in English is expected. Applications should include letter of
intent, CV, documentation of work, addresses of 3 references. Please
your application to the President to arrive no later than 15th September


Merz Akademie
Hochschule für Gestaltung Stuttgart
University of Applied Arts
Kulturpark Berg
Teckstrasse 58
D-70190 Stuttgart
Tel: 0711/26866-28

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