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[rohrpost] THE SECRET the IRS is TERRIFIED you'll learn! [qdwsz]

THE SECRET the IRS is TERRIFIED you'll learn!

..and never have! Millions of Americans already
have learned the truth and have dropped OUT of
the system - (the IRS now admits that, as of 1996,
at least 85 MILLION "taxpayers" are legally no
longer filing) - AND SO CAN YOU!

Even the Federal Courts themselves have verified
that it's true!

Sure, this sounds crazy or scary! You've been
carefully trained by the government's propaganda
for decades! So, how can 1 out of 3 Americans be
living the good life WITHOUT paying tribute to
the IRS? To learn the truth, and to get the
details.  Put "Taxfree" in the Subject box.

Have a Great Day!

PS: To be removed from the list, just put "Remove"
in subject line and send.

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