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[rohrpost] prague-update #003

IMF/World Bank Meeting
22-29 september @ prague/cz

NEWS 07/08/00 - 15/08/00

[1] International Preperation Meeting August 18-20 - 07/08/00
[2] Things to Bring to Prague - 09/08/00
[3] INPEG mediastrategy - 07/08/00
[4] Blockade compromise meetings? - 07/08/00
[5] French Caravan to Prague - 07/08/00
[6] Quotes of the day - 08/08/00
[7] Safe Web-Haven - 08/08/00
[8] World Bank Research Faulted - 09/08/00
[9] Czech-Senate-Constitution-Military - 10/08/00
[10] Foreign activists to be kept out of country during IMF meeting - 11/08/00
[11] Accomodation: INPEG's clarification - 12/08/00
[12] Jail Solidarity - 12/08/00

the news are extracted from the following mailinglists:,,,,
"Wir sind hier nicht in Seattle, Vaclav" -

---------- [1] International Preperation Meeting August 18-20

Notices About the Upcoming August 18-20 International Meeting:

-Per the email list conversations, we will add day of protest communications
to the Agenda for the International Meeting.

-You will get directions to the International Meeting only if you reply to
confirm your attendance.  If you plan on coming (we welcome you all!),
please reply as soon as possible to

---------- [2] Things to Bring to Prague


To anybody coming to prague, for the early meetings or the actual events
please try and bring some of the following.

Everybody has something they can give to this campaign. If you can make a
donation of time, money (contact )or anything on the
list below that's fantastic. Together we can make this happen. Unless
otherwise specified, anything donated will be left with the Czech
organisers to continue the resistance.

People / Skills:

If you think you have a skill that would be useful then please contact us.
Firstly we need tens of thousands of people on the streets! But to make
this happen effectively, interestingly and safely we need:

NVDA Trainers, Cooks, computer people (hard & sort ware), communication
people, planners dreamers schemers, medics, lawyers, child minders,
academics,researchers, artists, drivers, sound systems, administrators,
printers, translators, dog minders, facilitators, writers, welders,
painters, squat crackers, climbers, massagers, musicians, ---you get the

Things to bring:

Office equipment, Art materials, children's toys, sowing machines (with
strong thread), medical kits, gas masks, mobile kitchens, art materials
(see below), tools (power and hand), ladders, bikes, vehicles (any kind
from cars, vans buses  to horse and cart), generators, Portable toilets,
large water containers,tents (from small to large), Office equipment (see
below), rope (all kinds), Duct tape. All kinds of clothes especially for
fancy dress and smart suits and dresses, bedding, beds, Food, Ready made
banners, Helium gas, video & cam recorders, Local press contacts, email
lists from home, Ideas for creative ideas, Info on IMF/WB and economic
globalisation in your language, graphics, Organisations that support the
actions, Musical instruments,

Office equipment: (please only send items that you know work!) computers,
mobile telephones, printers, scanners, faxes, photo copiers, answering
machines paper and other office stationary.

Art Materials: paints, canvas/material, chicken wire, wood, screws/nails,
tools, staple guns, welders, metal, large sheets of paper, duct tape more
duct tape, glue, varnish, interesting objects to make recycled
sculptures/puppets etc.


---------- [3] INPEG Media Strategy

Here in Praha press coverage is slowly turning to the issues.  The kickoff
to our 55 Days of Oppression campaign was successful.

Now, we have a major task, to make sure that our international media
strategy/center is well coordinated.

We are coordinating people/groups that want to work specifically on press
for their country/language during the S26 actions.  This will be done
primarily through an international press center that will be the main
contact for protest infomation.  This center will serve to provide up to
date information on the protests and the issues to press, to connect them
with activist, organizers, and experts that have agreed to be interviewed,
and will be a link with all of the solidarity actions that will be occuring
around the globe.  Ideally, it would be wonderful to have at least several
people from each country working in the international press center here
(from about Sept 20-30?) as well as contact people located in countries
where solidarity actions are taking place (ie Equador, etc)

PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL <>  I have already heard
from some of you, but we really need to get this finalized so we can begin
detailed coordination.

Your help would be greatly appreciated - as much or as little time as you
can give would be wonderful.


---------- [4] Blockade compromise meetings?

Not long ago someone put on the list a press announcement made by Mr. Havel
in which he said he was willing to intermediate conversations between
representatives of protesters and representatives of IMF/WB. There was a
lot of talk about this but no one answered (so it seemed). Then, suddenly,
also by means of the lists, we find out that the meeting between
representatives of both sides was set up.

Well, I'm not sure if it is the right moment to blockade their meeting, but
I think it DOES deserve to be blockade. Why? One of the main criticisms we
do to institutions like IMF and WB is that they decide the lives of
millions and they are not democratic (they are not even ellected). How come
now this criteria doesn't apply to Jubilee 2000? Who chose them to speak
for us protestors? No one consulted me. So IMF and WB can't be undemocratic
but NGOs can? What's the point of all this then?

Acao local por justica global
Sao Paulo, Brazil

---------- [5] French Caravan to Prague

at the end of july, through the call of the squat "les tanneries" in dijon,
we had a few days of meeting to prepare the caravan that we are going to do
in france in september. For those who can read french, you can find all the
details at for those who don't,
here a short explanation.
Since the france is a pretty big country, we are switching the caravan in 2
part, the first during the 2 first weeks of september, and that will go from
the south east of france to the north west, through the south west. The
second part, will be after prague, in the beginning of october for the other
part of france. We will focus on prague IMF/WB issues for the 1st part, and
for the second we will explain what happen in prague and begin to mobilize
for the 2 next big event in france, euromediterranean summit in marseille in
november, and the EU summit in Nice in december.
The plan is to stay 2 days in each town, to arrive with a parade ( sound
systtem...), doing a theater action that explain the role and the way the
IMF and WB are working, to have training session for direct action. The
second day, doing an action in town with the local group, and beside thatto
have a forum with video, conference, exhibition. At the end a concert.

We will keep you inform of what's going on for this "prague 2000. caravane
anticapitaliste contre le sommet du FMI et de la BM".

---------- [6] Quotes of the day

"These people will not talk to anybody. They will not sleep in Strahov
they will kill if possible, if allowed," Kasl says. "There will be no
discussion with them. Police will manage this tough group. I'm ready to
tell [protesters], 'You are welcome until you breakthe law.' "

by Jan Kasl, Prague Mayor
talking about the potential rioters.

"We have created a team which contains representatives from all the
information services. This team has been gathering information which could
be useful when it
comes to ensuring security during the IMF meetings. I must say that
according to information accumulated so far, we have no reason to be
excessively optimistic."

by Lidove noviny Minister of the Interior


Many international chain restaurants and businesses in Prague are looking
ahead, preparing for possible protests and violence during the September
meetings of
the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.

McDonald's: Wouldn't specify preparations, but said they plan to stay open
and are preparing employees for possible problems.

KFC: Has ordered replacement glass and is preparing employees and providing
'behavioral training.'

Pizza Hut: Has ordered replacement glass.

Shell: Wouldn't specify preparations, but said it intends to stay out of
political discussions.

Tesco: Wouldn't specify preparations, but it has been reported that the
company has ordered replacement glass and is prepared to close down its
operations if necessary.

---------- [7] Safe Web-Haven

dear friends.....

there is a safe haven for web sites to mirror to offered by
to use this toolemail:

keep the pressure

---------- [8] World Bank Research Faulted


 (202-293-5380 ext 206)


 World Bank Research Faulted
 CEPR Analysis Shows That World Bank Data Don't Support Their Conclusion
That Globalization Has Benefited the Poor

 WASHINGTON, DC-- The Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) today
released a study analyzing the World Bank's controversial paper, "Growth Is
Good for the Poor" (March 2000).

 The World Bank's paper ( had claimed to
show that "growth generally does benefit the poor and that anyone who cares
about the poor should favor the growth-enhancing polices of good rule of
law, fiscal discipline, and openness to international trade."

 CEPR's analysis shows that the data from the paper do not support this
conclusion. Among CEPR's findings and conclusions:

 - Economic growth in the developing world, excluding China, has declined
dramatically over the last 20 years. "There is no region of the world that
the World Bank and IMF could claim as success stories for their policies,"
said Mark Weisbrot, co-director of CEPR and the principal author of the
study. "We need further research to determine how much these institutions
are responsible for this slowdown in economic growth-- a slowdown that
hundreds of millions of poor people in underdeveloped countries can ill
afford." In Latin America, for example, GDP per capita grew by 75% from
1960-1980, whereas from 1980-1998 it has only risen 6%. For sub-Saharan
Africa, GDP per capita GDP grew by 36% in the first period, while it has
since fallen by 15%.

 - Except for the positive correlation between economic growth and the
incomes of the poor-- which is not controversial-- almost all of the
statistical tests in the World Bank paper yield insignificant results. On
the basis of such insignificant results, it is not possible to conclude, as
the World Bank paper does, that IMF and World Bank policies such as
increased openness or anti- inflationary macroeconomic policies benefit the

 - Even the relationship between economic growth and the income of the poor
is not as strong as the World Bank paper indicates. There are numerous
instances in which not only the poor but the majority of the labor force
have failed to share in the gains from economic growth.

 This is true in the United States, for example, where the real median wage
today is the same as it was 27 years ago.
 The full report, "Globalization May Be Good For the Poor- But are World
Bank and IMF Policies Good for Growth?" is available at , along with the executive summary.

 For a printed copy, please contact CEPR.
 1015 18th St., NW Suite 200, Washington, DC 20036
 Tel: 202-293-5380, Fax: 202-822-1199
 Web: Email:

---------- [9] Czech-Senate-Constitution-Military

Radio Prague -

The Czech Senate has passed a constitutional amendment which would enable
the government in certain conditions to decide about troop deployments
abroad or the presence of foreign troops in the country. However, the
amendment also empowers parliament to abrogate the government's decision.
The legislative change was designed to improve the country's operability and
flexibility in meeting commitments ensuing from the Czech membership of

---------- [10] Foreign activists to be kept out of country during IMF meeting

Radio Prague -

Some foreign anti-globalisation activists may not be let into the country
during the meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in
Prague this September. The Interior Minister, Stanislav Gross, told Czech
Radio that Czech authorities will use laws governing residency of foreigners
to prevent some individuals from entering the Czech Republic. The Ministry
plans to step up security at border crossings as well as in the capital,
where it will employ some 11,000 police officers to ward off what it expects
will be several tens of thousands of protestors.

---------- [11] Accomodation: INPEG's clarification

edmund and everyone on the stadium hype

relax !

you are getting some points totally wrong and contributing to more confusion
around the topic.
Again for clarification to everyone

edmund wrote:

> Inpeg never mentioned to us "ignorants" that Strahov was not really an
> accredited public campsite but a STADIUM, and that the Interior Ministry
> was
> involved. Instead, Inpeg used the words "activist-friendly".  That kind of
> half-truth is no better than a LIE.

- it has ALWAYS been clearly stated that Strahov is a stadium. At the
meeting and also in the minutes. Many of us even visited the Stadium when
we were in Prague for the last european meeting. It has ALWAYS been clear
that this stadium was an offer by the State (no matter if it's the police, the
ministery of interior or whoever).
Everyone was conscious that staying in the stadium is not a good solution.
By the time we had the european meeting the State was offering the stadium
for free and the idea was to keep it as 1 possible space among many. But
we all agreed that the aim would be as decentralised accomodation as
possible. And I am convinced that INPEG is doing its best to achieve this
mandate. All further clarifications will be discussed face to face in a few

- The 'activist friendly' place Inpeg is referring to HAS NOTHING TO DO with
Stadium/Strahov ! Maybe Huberts answer was not totaly clear, but at least
all meeting participants and minutes reader should have know that INPEG is
trying to organise several spaces, including camps. Hubert is not a native
english speaker. ONE OF THESE camps, the so called 'activist friendly' one
is called Dzaban. It has only a capacity of 1500 people and we (non czechs,
non CEE) have been asked to leave this space accessible for czech, slovak
and CEE people if possible. Dzaban is run by a sympathetic company close
to the activist/environmental groups, and support the IMF/WB protests. You
can view info about them at

INPEG has not been lying about accomodation.
Lies have been generated through the media, FSA, unclear information,
misinterpretations and a general consequent hype.


- we need to improve the information communication from Prague to the
'outside' . Especially the website and its clarity. [INPEG has said they are
underressourced and are looking for webmasters ]

- big hypes can be generated through misinformation, media lies...etc. Next
time there is unclarity about an information, better insist on clarification
before drawing wrong conclusions. It could be the provocation by infiltrators
or the State.

- patience, we are dealing with a mobilisation involving a lot of different
people, political cultures and languages. This is all part of the learning



PS: if you want the minutes from last meeting, you can contact me. Or you
can go to :
and view the message archive. The minutes were posted Fri, 30 Jun 2000 by

---------- [12] Jail Solidarity

I think that exploring jail solidarity is an exciting option.  I'm in LA
right now for the demoNcratic national convention, and with us is the best
legal team in the US for solidarity, Midnight Special Law Collective (MSLC).
  They will be dealing with the fallout from LA and won't have much in the
way of time to advise or help out.  I know that one of their team, who
basically works as a paralegal, is interested in coming to prague and doing
trainings, but hasn't made a decision.  I can help him with those, as i
worked peripherally with MSLC in Seattle and DC.  I have copies of their
handbook that they give to trainees, which i plan to bring to Prague in 10
days, for translation and use if any of it is relevant.

For those who are familiar with MSLC or DAN legal, much has changed since
they did the Seattle and DC actions--notably, they are now training people
on how to remain in solidarity with people who are being charged (usually
falsely, but either way) with felonies.  I think this is a huge step for
them, and may alleviate some concerns I've heard expressed about them.

Even if no mass arrests are planned, jail solidarity is an interesting tool
to have as an option.  In philadelphia recently, the 450 (or so) arrestees
who were first being held separately from the general jail population.  They
were released into general population, probably because they thought that
being in with "real criminals" would weaken their resolve.  That plan
backfired, and the general population has joined them to the extent that
they are able.  They have issued a list of demands for themselves, including
tht they have a speedy trial, prompt medical and dental care, decent
food--not undercooked, cold, no dirty or broken trays, no over-crowding, no
more abuse by guards, reliable phone service, real rehabilitation programs,
etc.  This is the largest prison action that most of us are aware of in
recent history, and is a direct result of the jail solidarity folks work

I apologize for the length of this, and for the fact that it may not be
easily understood by non-native English speakers.  I am crazy busy here in
LA, but felt that this deserved a reply.  For more information, one could
contact or  I think.  If these aren't entirely
accurate, respond with something obvious in the subject heading and i will
attempt to clarify.

LA is going well so far and we've won a restraining order against the
police, which we hope will prevent them from raiding our space, and which
has already decreased the overt harrassment.  Also, the fire department and
police have old dislike for each other, so the fire department paramedics
are going to (gasp) do their job and provide medical care--they are working
with us here in many ways, and won't cooperate with the police in doing
crowd control, will set up showers in the streets for us to cool off and
wash off chemical weapons, and more.

OK, off i go, again, hope this is useful and not too long.
Fight the power, do no harm

---------- [X]

Do You Resist!?
Thousands of Cops. Millions of People. All in one place.
Prague! S26:

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