jonathan jay Seattle on Fri, 18 Aug 2000 13:13:49 +0200 (MET DST)

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(Xchange) MicroRadio ECB! (fwd)

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Subject: MicroRadio ECB!

		Please Re-Post and Forward Far And Wide:

Attention All webcasters, Community Radio, micro-powered, and Pirate
broadcasters: A MicroRadio ECB! (Emergency Community Broadcast!) is NOW LIVE!

	 	LIVE STREAMING AUDIO from Los Angeles via:	 


During this week of "National Corporate Politics as Usual" we have teamed up
with a growing host of folks in LA, the USA, and now around the world to Smash
through the corporate information blockade to bring you LIVE audio from the
Streets of Los Angeles.  Please join us! and get this information out far and

Right now, we are requesting *massive solidarity* from all who are able to point
your browser to any one of the 2500 concurrent streams and provide this valuable
LIVE audio to your local community, via downloading and rebroadcasting on Micro,
or Pirate FM.  If you want to get involved but are unable AT THIS TIME, email us
and we will work with you to get you set up for the next ECB! in September.

Please add your stream and broadcast powers to this ECB! (Emergency Community
Broadcast!) and help us cross the 'digital divide'.  *Only FM* will reach the
poorest communities in this country, who do not have access to the internet
and streaming technological access.  

Without your help, we *can not* be as successful.  With your help, we will reach
thousands, perhaps millions of people, and change the world.

No where else will you hear LIVE unmediated voices of the people in the streets
of LA, people like you and me ready for fundamental social change, *and working*
to bring it about.

Please join us, and add your strength to this groundbreaking effort. If you have
any questions, do not hesitate to ask! we will do our best to help you out, and
get you online.   please email:

in solidarity,
jonathan jay Seattle
2222 Second Avenue, Studio X
Seattle, Washington 98121

in studio phone (206) 443.3208
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