Ruine der Kuenste Berlin on 19 Aug 2000 16:29:46 -0000

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[rohrpost] Ritual Death of WOLF KAHLEN in the Net

Media artist WOLF KAHLEN is dissolving pixel by pixel,
user by user in the net. On a first page. On a second one you see and hear your personal pixel, the one you activated to disappear, solely on the empty page.
And on a third page you'll see all the 'lost' pixels arriving back and shaping a new WOLF KAHLEN.
Look, hear and have the triptych printed out, signed and numbered, the way you, only you, saw the process taking shape, nobody else has seen
this moment of the RITUAL DEATH
and the REBIRTH at the same time.
An exiting piece and a very conceptual one,
a media concerned and at the same time a sensual one.
presents it to collectors for free,
as WOLF KAHLEN gave it to us generously at his recent
60th birthday. The URL for the piece is
More about us: