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[rohrpost] Performative Sites: 70 scholarships at $300 each

>From: Charles Garoian <>
>Subject: Performative Sites
>Dear Presenting Artist/Scholar,
>Please check our redesigned website
> for the Performative Sites
>Symposium and inform students who would like to attend that we are
>providing 70 scholarships at $300 each, which are available on a first come
>first serve basis. Information about scholarships and registration is on
>our website.
>Best, Charles Garoian and Yvonne Gaudelius
>Charles R. Garoian
>Director, School of Visual Arts
>Professor of Art Education
>210 Patterson Building
>School of Visual Arts
>Penn State University
>University Park, PA 16802
>Office: 814.865.0444
>Fax: 814.865.1158
>E-mail: <>
>Performative Sites: Intersecting Art, Technology, and the Body Symposium
>at Penn State University, October 24-28, 2000

Monika Fleischmann - Head of MARS - Exploratory Media Lab
GMD - Institute for Media Communication, Schloss Birlinghoven
D-53754 Sankt Augustin, Germany, email:
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mobile: x49- (0)1719751422,

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