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>Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000 23:20:47 -0400
>From: shu lea cheang <>
>Subject: the project
>The Project
>Shu Lea Cheang & Matthias Vriens
>September 10th, 2000 through October 8th, 2000
>Opening Reception:  Sunday, September 10th  2-6pm.
>for press info:
>After all the talk about the blurring of boundaries between mass and museum
>culture it is interesting that the boundaries are still blurry.  To assess
>the porous border of visual production from the art world's side we have seen
>in the past two years a large number of artist photographers dabble in
>commercial media production and conversely the monthly print media's
>fascination with artists.  This dialogue seems to be one directional.  In
>presenting the work of Matthias Vriens The Project questions what happens
>when the process of cultural exchange is reversed.  This exchange in
>particular is focused on the dialogue between fashion and art.  Vriens, a
>Dutch born Paris based photographer, was the catalyst behind Dutch magazine.
>His images and editorial direction propelled this fashion magazine to the
>lead of the fashion avant-garde.  After departing Dutch last year Vriens
>became the Senior Art Director for Giorgio Armani.  He left that position
>this year to join the Gucci group.  While putting together Dutch magazine,
>however, Vriens was noted for pushing the visual language of photography
>beyond the commerce point of selling fashion towards the pure core of what
>sells fashion which is of course sex.  Trained as a dancer his circuitous
>route back to the body was what led him to photography.  A conversation about
>the body, sex and commerce led Vriens to skate the thin ice between the form
>of the body and the formal aspects of pornographic culture.
>Pornographic culture itself is where the eddies of Shu Lea Cheang's cultural
>production have deposited her.  The artist whose last gallery exhibition was
>almost ten years ago at Exit Art, has in the meantime completed her second
>feature length film: I.K.U.: A Japanese cyber-porn adventure.  This film
>premiered at Sundance and has since been featured in film festivals in
>Copenhagen, Montreal and New York.  Upcoming screenings include Berlin and
>this December at the I.C.A. in London.  For the gallery Shu Lea is creating a
>Duchamp inspired installation which reimagines the concept of the ready-made
>and reinvigorates it with porn culture.  The objects Cheang creates have
>their own fetishistic appeal and are playfully embraced by a cyberporn
>culture that makes them enticing tableaus.  Cheang has previously exhibited
>at the Walker Art Center, two Whitney Biennials, and produced the
>Guggenheim's first web based art project: Brandon.
>Hours of operation are Thursday through Sunday 12pm - 6pm.  For the quickest
>route from downtown or midtown take the A or D train to 125th Street and walk
>one block north and one and a half blocks west.    The Project is between
>Morningside and Amsterdam Avenues.
>The Project
>427 West 126th Street
>New York NY 10027 USA
>t 1 212 662 8610
>f 1 212 662 2800

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