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[rohrpost] le mediatrans.03

le mediatrans.03
05022001 16:53 CET .........
n0name "live!" from transmediale.01
Berlin 4 to 11 February 2001

Location: Capital Berlin

(watch out for languageicallypzc errors!)

a soft surface meets the subsstructure of a
hard ground on which the effects that are
implemetated come to a representation - so far
some words about the pizza in the restaurant
next door (wasn't it andy mueller next tabley?)

the hypothesis, that a new kind of culture
arises with the diy-alike using of the universal
machine called computer is a problem ("turn
passive media consumers into active
producers" <- the old dream of brecht,
kluge/negt, borroughs and and and). does the
re- or let's say counter-usability has the
function of gathering "cool" ideas for
industries? - detournement goes style? - or is
this culture a sub-industry o even beside-
industry in the sense of subversion, with the
potential of a de-competition? and if it is so,
why do one (who?) need a award?*
~modell: industry - outsourcing arty hacker
ideas - re-entry to the profit system

"bietaut toocapuec", little 6legged black bugs
drawing lines, the work don't work (Adrian
Ward / Signwave

"Technologies To The People® a group of
media specialists", a little supermarket of non-
fiction virus scripts, spy-programms and
hacker tools turning the show of systemcoding
back to the lust of the user, "instruments and
intention" (


are the iMacs online?

Copyright (c) © 2001 n0name

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