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le mediatrans.04
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"digital document networker" (advertising for sharp

yesterday i talked with people about phantasma/ta1 of
the technoculture yesterday
one big promise the myth of technolog/technique makes
is: between us and the world of our wishes is a gap and
techniques bridges this gap when extremists drive
apparatuses+systems to extend their possibilities (the
possibilities of the machines and their own) they work
on a circle of tech-technique. related to the idea of
programming the social space (social software) and the
technological-medial Apriori those engineers work with
the basics of the social thing 'itself' (???) with all it's
inter-... aesthetical programming by art-engineers-artists
is the 'design' of code, but what code? & why does this
work so well in the field of art?

1 forced phantasies (?)

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