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[rohrpost] le mediatrans.09

le mediatrans.08
07022001 18:54 CET in the salon Podewil
Klostertr. 68-70 - Berlin
n0name live! from the mediafestival
Berlin, Germany 4 to 11 February 2001

               The Power To Publish

cut-ups and super short report
Panel: social software
part II
i-vote first legal voting via the internet
speaker said the ballot box must be high
sec/be sealed digital cause in criminal cases
it's allways the ballot box which is attacked (o,
o! what about buying & stealing votes by tv
and black lists of voters? see -> last elections
in the us), showed a pic of a server-machine
with the headline "virtual election committee"
and showed a pic of a server-machine as
illustration for a digital ballot box., E-mail is King. The tool of
selforganizing, everybody could publish
who controls the medium controls the


(c) 2001 n0name & all

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