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[rohrpost] le mediatrans.12

le mediatrans*.12
09022001 20:11 CET
n0name live! from transmediale.01
Berlin 4 to 11 February 2001

... the necessaty of a software art
prize. a new territory, another ground
for creative practice. [practiceprize]
helps you to understand this
software. code as codecode.
understanding the machine itself.
code as coding the code is the
revenge of the representation of the
thing that will happen: the programm.
so coding is about what is going to
happen - nothing new. the
impressionists did it, jule verne did it.
open artware would mean do
concepts that took placed before. f**k
the original programmer. the pencil of
the machine. stocker: social | artistic
= wrong, need social-art software.
but what is the social space?
somebody quotes duchamp's "not
every artist is a chessplayer, but
every chessplayer is a artist". cramer:
in future the invisible. the fetish of the
code. code itself is social. the
problems of the birth of a new genre.

*please do (not) confuse with ("Die Medien Profis"), ("Domains Are Free"),, -

(c) 2001 n0name & all

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