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[rohrpost] le mediatrans.30

le mediatrans.30
mo. 12022001 22:52 CET
n0name after! transmediale.01
Berlin, Germany 4 to 11 February 2001

Somewhere between phosphat & phosphorus!


the *real*time journal ism

supplement to the rohrpost Jahresempfang: dog before the speaker: his
masters voice; it was a little bit like onliner jet-set or a meeting of
company members, service dressed in white offering juice, beer, wine, water
etc., with the standup theory show "3 minutes of shut up"


headwords: means more than giving people the joystick
tuning? -> breaking up the machine
tech romantizism

festival buzzwords top10:
 1 participation
 2 distribution
 3 code
 4 art
 5 media
 6 artist
 7 software
 8 independend
 9 house
10 show

the public domain in the city
hacking as a social game
real hackers wrote a programm crack it baby! in 2 nights much faster than
the one of the artists. they said: write your own code don't participate in
this silly art game
public space is minimized, slogan "access for all" strengthens the
mechanism of marginalisation. when everybody speaks but nobody listens
in a fascist situation media control the people, here people control the media
buffz pffft
p2p as competitor to the commercial distribution. did the the majors made
more money because of Napster because people had more possibilities to
check their taste? no bootlegging in napster concerns software too -> Gnutella
make platform available 
films produced by hobbyists in their sparetime creating movies with level
engines (Quake), 1 million films this year
would you finance a hack?
art lovers looking on fancy streams
get into the value chain
tells story about breaking into shops stealing the mobilephones, governence
without government, richness of conflicts, people like to control media

telling their own story, found footage, it all begang with a bang and the
death of tv, now we were producers, 2000,- per minute; no pause, keep the
structure running; "what is your marketing concept?", democracy of the
produktivkraft but no distribution, collection discussion

organize yourself!


(c) 2001 n0name

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